30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

The rest of Peak Week.

So the rest of peak week was “exciting”

Holy Heck.  It was SO HARD.

Thursday I had on the docket 10 by 800 repeats.  So I put on my game face and went for it.

Apparently I really LIKE 800 reps.  By the time I got to the end of the workout, I had run actually what appears to be 11 by 800 reps.

The last one did feel harder.  It took me hours to figure that one out.

It was a disgustingly sweat producing workout.


Seriously.  see the dark spot under all the clothes?  That’s the sweat that dripped off during my shower.  GROSS!

So I was super proud on thursday.  And a little bit stiff.

Friday I slept in and planned the bigger brick for the evening. The sleep in was fantastic.  The evening workout…well. Had a nice chat with my coach before he left for a weekend of cave diving.   I always get nervous before he cave dives, because well….ever met an older cave diver?  So I had to say goodbye.

I eventually got on the bike and spun for 1 hour and 20 minutes. It was LONG.  It went on, and on.  My legs were feeling already a bit strange from the thursday workout.

By the end of the spin, I hobbled off the bike with the unpleasant thought that I still had a 7 mile run.

I changed shoes, strapped on the garmin and started off on what I knew was going to be a slow slow run.  This route has some super hills on it.  It went ok for the first 4 miles.  On the hill on the way back at about 4.2 miles I just lost it.

The sun had gone down and my town has no street lights so I was running in the darkest dark.

science_of_tearsA few tears were shed.  My legs ached and hurt and felt terrible. I silently curse my Coach.  The actual words that eventually came out of my mouth were “Skeletor can go suck it” This was a horrible workout.  I could barely walk when I finished.  I sat down and then couldn’t get up.  Yugh.

Saturday was an interesting day.

I firstly had to get up at 3 am to go volunteer at Disney for a 5K, as part of the tower of terror weekend.  We did Gear check and had a pretty good time, even though it rained.  I was not entirely recovered from that Brick though.  By 9 am I was yawning.  When I got home, I slept for a few hours and then swam.  What’s amazing is that after all the torture…my legs felt OK in the morning.  Not like bouncy happy, just ok.  but OK was perfect compared to Friday.

3700 yards, a little over 2 miles.


It was a bit tiring, but much easier than running.  One odd thing happened after the first 1000.  My nasal passages seemed to swell up so that breathing was a new an unusual challenge.  Very glad to have finished off the swim.

Sunday I had 13 miles.   We have had this fantastic cold front.  It was 57 degrees.  I actually thought I would be running really fast.  Yeah. Right.  My legs are flat.  At least they did not hurt. My pace calculator on the Garmin failed entirely today.  I ran slowly, but the pace guy kept telling me that my pace was slower than it was so it made for a confusing run.

It got done, and I think with a little rest, I might be doing ok for the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon which is in a few weeks.

We shall see.

I got my training week from the coach today..

Crying is allowed. Friday was a hard workout, then to have Sunday 13…..

Yeah.. so glad it was “ok”.  This weeks training looks like a severe taper.  I am trying not to freak out about that.


  1. Sounds rough. So glad I don’t try to swim, or bike…

    • mizunogirl

      I think if I tried to run your distances….whew, I’d hurt myself!!!!

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