30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


This week has lower miles than last week….but…

it’s still….  exciting.

Monday I had a swim.  This was not exciting. It was peaceful, and long and stretchy. I was still tired from the longer run on Sunday, so…

Monday night I had a deep tissue massage.   It was a challenge to get through.  The massage therapist was going kind of deeper than I’d like, and it was just miserable.  I have to admit, I prefer when he emphasizes the stretching part of things.

Monday night I had horrible GU upset all night long.  Up and down to the bathroom…

Tuesday had my “baby brick” workout (friday will be the big or long brick)


I did the cycle and was feeling pretty lousy. I was trying to tank up on electrolyte solution, but it tasted funny.  Knowing I was low, I drank it anyway.  The little 3 miler off the bike started out terribly. My legs ached and I could not seem to get to a speed that I wanted. After a half a mile I resigned myself to “just run and get it over with”.  I have found that I’d much rather just muscle slowly through a workout than explain to my coach that I didn’t do it because, “My legs felt funny”.  Oddly as I hit the one mile mark things loosened up and I ended up doing a pretty good run including running all the way up “hospital hill”  which is something I usually do not do.  At one point, I thought that if I had stopped and walked I would have been moving faster, but…thats probably a perception thing.

In the afternoon, I foam rolled for 30 mins and stretched.

This morning I had a swim/run/swim/run laundry generator workout. So long…. 2K swim, 3 mile run, 1K swim 2 mile run.  I finished at 7:52 am, and clocked in for work at 08:07 am.  The workout went really well again, and I managed Hospital Hill again, so there’s a confidence booster.

Tomorrow is speed work, Friday is Bigger Brick.  Saturday is a swim and Sunday one more longish run.  13  I looked all over for  a half marathon to run as the predicted low is 57…YES..  57 My best running weather.  No 13.1’s  so it will be me out on a trail running it by myself….

My endurance has been getting better and better.  Very encouraging.  My speed though…

So we will see how the rest of the week goes.


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