30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Lesson learned…(again)

So today on the docket was a medium sized Brick workout.

Bike an hour

run 6 miles.

I awoke at 4 am and stumbled/shuffled around.  Made an executive decision to crawl back to the bed.  Slept til 6:30 am.

Felt better.

The yasso workout is so tough that it followed me into the next day.

Since I slept in, I had to do the workout in the afternoon.

The bike was unpleasant, but it got done.  As a Bonus, I heard a new song thats old.

This wasn’t it.  The Blind Boys of Alabama sing it, but apparently it’s not popular and not on a Youtube video so you get Deep River… Instead of “Don’t Play with God”

Anyway the Five Blind Boys are pretty darn incredible.

So the cycle ended on a high note.

Then the run.  THis is the week of:


Lots of running on the schedule.

I started my legs felt like super flat and actually kind of achy.  I had been worried about it being too hot.  No need to have worried, it was raining and cold.  somewhere in mile 4 I realized my legs today hurt more than they ever had during my marathon.  and yet…I was still running.  I had done a ton of walking at the end of my last marathon.


Ding ding ding!

Light Bulb

Suddenly I realized the lesson in this.  I have seen this lesson many a time since that fateful marathon.

Yes, one can run while in miserable. pain.  I did however, kind of wonder if running an ultra would be this painful and exactly when this type of pain would start in the Ultra.

tomorrow all I have is swimming….   then just 12 more miles between me and the end of the week….


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