30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I have not been very faithful about posting for a bit now.  I have been entirely full up of “life”  on time, which I think is a great thing.  I’m frankly amazed at myself that since the end of August and beginning of September, I’ve managed to go to Nigeria, interview for a new job (Fingers still crossed but not so hopeful there), keep my current job, train, compete in an enormous open water swim- where I met a wall of Jelly Fish and did not win anything, but stings.  I was surprised yesterday thinking about how bizarre and interesting my own life is.

BUt I need to post a bit about yesterday.

On the plan was 9 times 800 repeats.  I’ve done 8, but never in my life 9.  The coach made a notation that  “This is a tough workout”

I guess all the stings toughened me up a bit.

I walked into the gym yesterday and put on what I imagine to be my “Game face”

I think I looked like:


Probably more like:



I nailed every single one of the repeats.  After months of piddling around with slower interval times and missed workouts, I just got on the stupid treadmill (Track is only open 8 odd hours a week now)  and did them at the Yasso pace for a marathon in the time I want.

After the very last one, I sat on the edge of the mill and if there had been a few less people, I probably would have cried out loud….tired, happy…finished.

and boy am I exhausted.  Actually slept in today….

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