30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Long run gone wrong….ish

So… “long run” of a rest week today.  5 miles.

I again did not sleep well last night.  That really affects everything.

Plus I ate junk food yesterday so I was fueled by…errrr…. Junk.


SO I started out jogging along, and hit the hill then I noted some yellow police tape up.  BIG tree down across the trail.  so I had to go round which threw me off a bit.

Got back on the trail/path and continued on.  feeling tired.  At mile 2 ish I ran by some friends and that put a smile on my face a  bit.

The whole run was completely unevenly paced.  Miles 1-2 were on the paces I wanted.  Mile 3, I struggled and walked rather a lot.  Mile 4 again on target pace and mile 5 was very very close to target pace, but I had to stop and climb over the tree.  Uneven pacing is an issue.  I’m not sure it says I don’t know what I’m doing, or if it is just because I was tired.  I think it also may be that I am getting a tiny bit faster, but am not in control of the speed yet.  I et going at a new pace and can sustain it for a longer period of time (say 2 miles) but can not keep that speed for more…

Even though it feels cooler in my mind, it’s really still pretty hot and humid.

I finished up with my cool down cycle at the gym. Oddly then I spotted someone over in the PT area.  I thought it was the coach but when I looked up again no one was there.  Suddenly his head popped out and he waved, so I went over and we chatted a bit.  His wife came up and we had our usual awkward conversation.  She is focused on the trip to Africa, whereas Coach boy/man and I have moved on to training and life. So she kept asking if I had settled in and he kept giving me the knowing look and well, I’m glad we all had to go to churches…….

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  1. I hit the “Like” button but thought a second later that you really didn’t think this was such a terrific running day. Sorry!

    You’ve got me thinking I should try running again, but I have to clear it with my doc and physical therapist. Plus we’re in a heat wave again, and I haff a cold with an annoying, ticklish cough. Excuses, excuses. 🙂

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