30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Sunday Long run.

Whew.  Long run. I had 12 miles on the docket.  Now. 12 is kind of a mid distance and it isn’t that long. My issue was that I’ve kinda been slacking on the long run. The last Sunday I was on an airplane, so no long run. The previous sunday I was supposed to be running 10 miles.  I ran 6.2 my excuse.  I was in Nigeria.  really of all my excuses, this one was pretty good.  I suspect also that the hotel treadmill was not exactly tuned, so who knows if I ran 10K or 2 K.  The week before that I ran 8 miles.  Soooo….I was going from 8 miles, with 2 weeks of laziness in-between, to 12 miles.


Add in my massive exhaustion from my trip/travel/back to work…and I was kind of feeling a little DOOMED.

Oddly when I awoke my legs were feeling- dare I say- “better”  Not at 100% normal, but thankfully not as bad as they had felt on Friday.  I started running and was thinking about the relationship advice that my coach had given me the other day.  (He really wants me to have a nice boyfriend, and I’m not opposed to that either. ha.) He was trying to tell me not to settle, and he said, “You know there’s a guy out there who won’t mind that you love to run long…”  So…as I started my run today (which isn’t that long) I kept thinking…”Do I love this?”  “I’m not so sure I love this…”


So I started.  For the first half mile I felt “OK”  I was sort of relieved that I did feel OK because lately I have not felt that good.  Getting up the hill that catches at the start of this route pretty much took that “OK” feeling away.  Oh that hill- it’s super short and then immediately descends, but whoa it got my legs.  Undeterred I ran on, expecting to take a few walk breaks- somewhere in the second mile.  Somehow I managed to just run until Mile 3.3 where my water is always stashed on this route.  I took a few sips and then commenced to run up another hill.  What was unusual and completely strange about this run was that my legs really didn’t quit.  They did not feel good at ALL.  If you know the feeling- it was a quads are all ripped up and trying to heal and I’m pounding them again feeling.  So my brain kept thinking, ok…legs are about to walk.  And yet the legs kept running.  My mind was kind of not in tune with the legs at all.


My Mind looked like this…. but my legs…


just kept running.  And hurting but running none the less.  (I was wearing some clothing though, unlike this woman.)

This is a really odd situation.  It occurred through the whole run.  My only thought is that I must be developing better endurance.

Not the best run ever, but certainly better than anticipated.

Never listen to your brain when running. Apparently the legs are where it’s at.




  1. Yeah, don’t listen to the brain. It hates this running thing.

    • mizunogirl

      No kidding!!!!! Have a good week!

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