30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Swim, Run, Swim, Run….

Back in the USA.

I got home yesterday.  As is expected and is only natural, I received an email last night with the rest of the weeks workouts. I was asleep.  And decided after the alarm went off at 5, that I was tired.

So around 7, I saw the email, and was like OHHHH.

So after work…

I swam about 1500…

ran 2 miles on a treadmill….because I left my Garmin at the office.

Hopped back into the pool and swam a super slow 1000.  My goggles kept leaking.  2011-07-26_14-39-27_0

Ugh.  Ugh. Ugh.

Out of the pool, and back on the Treadmill.

Back in business.

Saw my favorite gym trainer who was so enjoyable.  His comment… “You are back, and you are alive!”  I never give much thought to going places.  But seems many people did.  We enjoyed our chat and I really felt welcomed back.

Then got to spend Coach time…which was OK…lots of stuff for us to think on and cover.

I feel lucky.

I am BACK and I am ALIVE.  I’m able to work hard and play hard.  How awesome is that!

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