30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Could I be winning?

So yes, I am still sitting here in Florida.  

Limbo Limbo. 

I go back and forth, i want to go, then part of me doesn’t. 

In part because training is going pretty much better than I expected this week.

Tuesday I awoke and was disappointed to find out my left back tweak was still feeling lousy, and my left knee wasn’t really improved.  I was at a loss for what to do.  Logic states to rest this stuff.  Reality told me that I had a few days coming up that were not going to allow for working out.  I also wasn;t sure that the back muscle was even really related to running.  

All of this debate at 4:30 am…made me feel a bit grumpy.  grumpy_bear_vector_by_catnipfairy-d52v8mb

I got to the gym…still grumpy and decided just to try and see if I could run the 5 miles.  

Oddly, I could.  The knee pain went away and my back pain while it was present was not actually affected by running.  The run felt good.  

So was entirely stoked to get that done.  My arms workout that evening was super super duper.  I saw Lance Brauman, and he mentioned that I looked like I was “getting fit”….(which is kind of an athletes way of saying “you look as if you are about ready for the race season”).

Some of the gym guys also gave mea few lifting tips, nice.  

Wednesday I did the laundry generator…swim, run swim run…

THursday… I went to Miami.  right?


I will spare you the Will Smith “going to Miami” song.

I got my passport renewed.  Negotiations are still occurring.  Trip has been postponed to Wednesday…Looks good for going though.  THis guy is a go go getter, and I’m finding him fun to deal with.  Nigeria here I come on Wednesday.

Ran 2 miles while awaiting the production of the same day passport.  

then drove home.  I am so so freaking tired.  

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