30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

WTF moment

I’m currently living in Limbo.

Not as much fun as the limbo at a party.

I’m waiting to hear if our trip to Nigeria is a go or a “no”.   I’m at a point where I don’t care either way but I don’t particularly want to waste a lot of time getting the one vaccine I feel I need and driving to Miami now for a passport.  I’ve noted a lot of disorganization from this group and that also doesn’t please me.  We were contracted to teach about protective equipment, and I see several members trying to go off of a 2 week trip to East Africa, to relate to what they will find in W. Africa.  Let’s just say I have concerns.  They wanted to Depart on Wednesday but yesterday I realized they don’t have a prepared program, so what they really thought they were going to do bothers me.  So we’ll see.  If I can not get my work letter from them by tomorrow, I am just going to forget about it.

That said…yesterday was Monday. I got to do a 3 mile run and then immediately after hit the pool for 3600 yards-about 2 miles.

It went well.  The run went especially well. For the first time since JUNE my hip felt perfect. Now, my knee was bothering me some, but really it was inconsequential.  The swim was OK…


These are my goggles I’ve been using and this is exactly what happened for probably the first 20 minutes of my swim.  Fill up with water.  Can’t see, eyes sting and burn.  They are good goggles…the key is as always to put them on with a dry dry face.  Having just been running and sweating buckets, my face…not dry.

Eventually I got them to work, and the workout got done.  It was a long haul and I got out of the pool thinking, “Wow, that was some morning workout”

Weirdly and scarily, at work several hours later, I turned in my chair and noted that my left lower back felt some tiny tiny pricking pains.  YES.  I have tweaked out my left lower back.  (Always has been my right lower before.)

WTF?  I didn’t really do anything.

So…had massage and he couldn’t find any knots or anything tight.  I know that it is just something small, but darn it all, I am so so sick of these little things.

My coach is all about me heading to Nigeria, for one main reason.  I probably wouldn’t be able to run much, so he feels I’d “totally heal up”  I’m starting to think he is right, but at the same time.  I have no idea.

I just try to remember all things come together for good…


So getting schooled a little by “hardship”.  Pretty sure I’ll come out right in the end…..



  1. I’m guessing you’re on your way to Nigeria now. Or maybe not. That is strange that they’re so disorganized. Flying into West Africa during a major health crisis is not something to undertake lightly, so you’d think they’d at least have an itinerary and some tours of hospitals set up. East Africa is no picnic either, with a famine in South Sudan and war and violence in Somalia boiling over into Kenya.

    Hope you are okay, regardless of where you are today!

  2. mizunogirl

    Still in Florida. Given that there was no cash involved until last week, it’s not really surprising that it is a bit disorganized. Plus it wasn’t really a crisis, until WHO called it so, but still it is a bit frustrating to try to get things done.

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