30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Rest week working like it should

The first 2-3 days of rest week felt difficult.  More because I was tired, and my left leg was bothering me still.

Somewhere on Wednesday things started to feel really really good.  I had a tiny brick- 20 minute spin and 2 mile run. I thought the run would stink but it turned out fantastic. I ran the hilly hilly route and wow, it was especially warm.  BUt my pace stayed about where I’d expect it to be this time of year, and most importantly, nothing felt too bad.

Later in the day- several folks across Florida (running forum.) started to mention the miserable humidity/heat combo that has smacked us since August started.  While it didn’t make it easier, I did feel encouraged that others are noting the same thing.


Today was a very abbreviated speed work out, consisting of a warm up and cool down and 6 times 90 second sprints.  I intended to do it outside, but as I was driving to the gym decided on the mill.  Given the problems I had with the mill last week, I should have taken it outside, but…I got up a little late, so sticking to the stationary object seemed to ensure I’d be on time for work…

The workout was surprisingly FUN.

90 seconds is not a long time.  I was able to dial up the speed..and take risks with the speed.


When I do the Yasso workout, I really feel like I need to take it at a pace that ensures I finish.  But with 90 seconds only…well…bring on the speed. I played a lot with the speed and enjoyed running at a much higher than expected speed.

After the 8 hour recovery interlude called work…(where I sufferred through YET another call about Ebola, dealt with Hand Hygiene and also with a lecture that went awry. no sound on my videos!!!)

I did another short mile on the mill, and then a very fun arms and abs workout.  I started to notice gains in either the amount of reps I can do or the amount of weight I can lift.  Saweet.

So…Rest week working like it should.  The only wacky thing…Broken toe. (oh and no pool, which created all sorts of drama.)


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