30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Rest Week

Of course a Rest WEEK, is not like a rest day.  I’m still working out.  Just very lightly.


This came at a pretty good time, I was feeling tired out, and also still trying to heal up my left quad leg thing.

The bad part is that the pool is closed for the week, due to need to maintain the pool.



The pool is almost empty so there is definitely no sneaking in to swim or anything. I tried to go to the Lake but my friend decided she was “afraid she would get sick from the warm water”  (She is afraid of the Ameoba.  which won’t make you sick, it will just you know, kill you.)  I found it HIGHLY entertaining that she an hour after refusing to swim in the lake responded in public that she wanted to go to a group swim our local tri-club is hosting (in abscence of pool) at Lucky’s but that she had to work.  The same damn ameoba lives there.  So BOO on her.  One should not swim alone in these lakes due to the other larger inhabitants of the lakes.

Monday I did a short cycle and proceded to DESTROY my diet entirely.  Ice Cream was on sale.  Maple Walnut to be exact.  I got some ad ate some and am gonna eat some more.  i just will need to make better choices. My lunch salad turned out to be a bit enormous as well… I am …HUNGRY.

Tuesday…I thought was a brick day so I pulled on my cycle shorts.  Not A Brick.  I had the sense to change and go with regular shorts.  I had only a 3 mile run.  Starting the run my entire body felt like Lead.  I decided to just cover the miles and not worry about pace…and after about 0.6 of the mile things loosened up and the lead like feeling left my limbs. Mile 1 was at a good warm up pace.  Mile two has a hill at the half way point that is tough for me, so I just put my head down and ran, no looking at watch..I was trying to go a comfortable pace.  I looked down and to my surprise I was finally running at my Half Marathon/10K goal pace..easily.  That entire mile was super speedy and ended up just a hair over my 5K pace.  Last mile involved some hillage that I dislike, but in the end it also went ok.

Had a very eventful day at work…appears I am getting yet another new boss.

After…hit the gym for some weights workout.  Lunges, planks, squats, you name it, I did it.

spent about oh 4 minutes with the coach.  He bemoaned my friend fear of the amoeba…and tried to explain how the open water entry would work in the ocean.  I am terrified of this now. Diving under waves.  This may have been one of my worser ideas….we’ll see if I survive.

He was also very concerned about my hip.  It is slowly slowly getting back to regular.

We;ll see how this week and next go.  Hopefully b the end of this week, that pesky hip thing will feel all normal.



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  1. Not sure what I’m more afraid of the amoeba or the ‘gators… Limbs or brains…

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