30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Season of….

I seem to be going through an odd season in training.  I’ve been injured, and it just seems since then I have not been able to get on an even keel since then.

The hip injury has pretty much healed, but every day something seems to be hurting.  On friday my leg was reacting to the treadmill workout and it hurt. It hurts a lot less today, but today, while swimming in Lucky’s Lake, I noticed a twinge in my low back that progressed into a pinching sensation which is not at all pleasant.  None of these things are major, but they are all little niggles, and there is the usual concern that these niggles can suddenly become more than that.

I’m so so sick of this. I do think some of the stiffness and niggles are coming from coming off 3 weeks of mostly aquatic exercise.  Things are in general “sore”.


And I am working pretty hard so some twinges are expected.  I think I am just experiencing the anxiety of the recently injured.  The worry that one little twinge will result in another 3 weeks in the pool.

So yesterday I had a big brick.  I really did not get myself up awake and to the gym in time to complete it all without some time issues.  So I did the one hour cycle and hopped off and tried to start the run.  My hip flexor was so sore from the treadmill that I decided to call it quits and do some 25 minutes (the time I had left after starting the run and then calling it quits and changing into my swim suit) in the pool.

I sent my coach an email asking what I should do.  For the first time ever I didn’t hear back.  I finally sought him out at the gym, and I knew he hadn’t checked email yet because I said, “What do you want me to do?” and he said, “About the swim race?” So we talked about the swim race, then we talked about the hip the speedwork, the issue with the Friday Brick…and both of us got very confused.  In the end, I ended up doing 55 minutes on the elliptical.

Today I swam 2 crossings at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  10551102_478642085613706_4860639144827873157_n

I should have done 3, but I was meeting with one of my new Relay buddies and I thought she was only doing two.  She did 3. So I ended up waiting.  Man, she is a lot faster than I am at the Lake.  So some more intense training is in order for me and the swim.  During the swim my low back just got tighter and pinchier.  Not too fun.  I finished the rest of the workout in our community pool, which is 15 feet long.  Thats right.  15, not the normal 25.  I finally grabbed an ice pack for the back and some motrin.  It is so strange how that came up.

All these little niggles and problems in training are making it hard for me to feel confident about any of my races coming up.

I also sometimes feel like my coach gives me “too much”  so…we’ll see how things go for next week.

Good news is that I instantly really liked the 1/4 of the relay group. I think I should post that on the other blog.

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