30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Nailed it! & massive excitement!

Today was a funny day.  I had 800’s on the schedule.  8 of them. Given that I have been pretty injured and spending time Aqua jogging, I was kind of like.  ah er….today is going to be interesting.  I really dislike this workout, a lot of it is simple fear.  Doing 800 repeats correctly means you will be feeling some misery.  Hard to catch breath, wretching, and such.

I had a lot of very negative thoughts.  Prior to the workout, I thought all of these things:

1. the Treadmill is going to hurt my hip.

2. I will feel sick.

3. I won’t be able to do any repeats.

4. I’ll be running a 10 min mile pace…(too slow)

5. This workout doesn’t give me results.

6. I will tell the coach I need a different speed workout.

7. Hal Higdon plans don’t have the awful Yasso 800’s workouts on them, and people do fine with them

8. People who train with Hal Higdon plans don’t typically run Comrades….

9. I can do 3 repeats and then do the rest in the pool.

10. I am so lazy.

My BRAIN was in overdrive. Seriously needed a visit from the Thought Po-Po


I hopped on the TM and oddly, all the thoughts disappeared and I started a Super duper slow warm up.

At the 1 mile mark, I slowed and walked a bit.  I still was feeling a bit concerned.  I decided I’d try 1-2 and then hit the pool if needed.

First one went pretty good.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The I Heart Radio played a bit of Rance Allen Group and I enjoyed that. I did take a longer than normal recovery for these, Boo Hiss on that, but I ticked off number 2 and 3 and 4 and realized I was half way there.  I looked at the pool…and thought, lets see how one or two more feel.  Then I hit 6.  I had only 2 left, so…I did them. The last two were the hardest.  FATIGUE! My legs felt less confident and were feeling kind of shaky.  Again, another sign that I was doing the workout right.

Never so glad to be done.  This evening I actually totally nailed a weights workout, so yay…back on track.

I am so so pleased.  I waited all day for the leg to rear up it’s tightness or anything, and while it is mildly sore, I explained to the coaching guy…”My body feels as if it ran 8 times 800 reps”  and well it did, so it feels right.

Second big excitement.  SOme ladies form the Lucky’s Lake swim were looking for a 4th partner for a 4 person 8 mile OWS relay in the Florida Keys.  I jumped at it.  (Coach still has to say yes..)


This is Islamorada Florida, one of the Florida Keys.  It is a swim around a lighthouse to raise funds for our older lighthouses.  The history of the old Florida is really fascinating and the lonely life of lighthouse keepers is part of it of course. Thats all lovely and good, but what I am REALLY EXCITED about is this video.  Look at the beauty in the water!!!!  it is so clear!!!

I’m waiting to hear more and I hope it comes together!!!!  Wheeee!!!!!  So glad My coach and friend pushed me into the 4 mile swim last month, it really has opened up some things I’d never have tried before!  hope coach man says Yes.  he typically seems to for OWS.





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