30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I may be finally “over” my month long injury that was never really diagnosed.  We can consider it sort of a quad strain, piriformis syndrome, ITB aggravation.

It still “hurts” on impact a bit, but the aftermath is not like before, and each day it feels a wee bit better.

Mama Cass sings a love song to my leg.

Monday I did a huge 80 minute cycle and a 1 mile run off the bike.  Felt pretty great.  I was loving the feeling of getting my running legs back as I plowed up the hill route.  Then I laughed because well, when you only have one mile to run…very easy to push it and feel great.

Today was a “tempo” run.  Right.  It was 81 degrees at 5 am with about 99% humidity.  Every time I tilted my head down a river of sweat drenched my eyes and face and everywhere else.  I was able to run about 3 of the 5 at a good tempo pace.  the other 2…well.  They were “ok”  I took heart in the fact that my pace improved slightly from last weeks 5 mile tempo run.

This evening I had some weights and I just felt like an older person.


My back felt stiff and un yielding, and I also admit, i felt a little tired.

I started by doing the inch worms exercise.  It is supposed to be for abs, but it isn’t that challenging.  What it does do is stretch out my hamstrings and hopefully also my low back some.

After a bit, I was in Business!  everything felt fine, I did a “baby” weights workout.  had a discussion about protein in my life with the physiologist at the gym which was actually productive.  And then after doing the workout, i headed home.

My life seems to be normalizing now that I can train properly again.  Not always thrilled with the time I’m putting in, but…very relived that this pain is subsiding.

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