30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Failed workout.

Well, it’s one of those odd ones. I failed but I feel I won.

I had a workout of a warm and cool mile and in between 2 sets of 2 mile repeats.

I’ve been waking up achy.  Given that yesterday I did leg weights, I really really was sore and achy.


I got up and got ready and of course got going later than I would have liked.  The DOG…Was entirely restless ALL NIGHT and kept me awake.

I started and noted that I was a bit slower….but whatever, I was running and it wasn’t horrible.

I felt pretty sore and not too peppy overall…so when I started the two mile repeats…I struggled to run them at the pace I was supposed to.  Ireally just couldn’t.  It was BOILING hot and very humid.

the first 2 repeat went OK.  I was definitely feeling it and so the effort was there, even if the speed was somewhere else.

The second two, I really had to admit defeat.  I just could not get going at an appropriate speed….

and then based on my route, I was done.

Not the workout planned. but…I was so glad to be able to run it at all with the amount of leg pain I’ve had recently.

Feels great. next week, will have to work harder on doing the actual workout.


  1. Sounds like things have been rough. Sorry to hear. I’m sure you all have it under control but be careful.

    • mizunogirl

      It has been a bit difficult, but…I think things are moving now in the correct direction. I hope so.

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