30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.




I really spent the week in the pool.

Chlorine city.

I did have a few sweaty enjoyable spins in there too, but for the most part…


Benefits of pool run:  Lots of time with friends.  Got to get to know the AM lifeguard really much better- he’s a nice guy, quirky and funny.  It’s a nice exercise when the heat index is climbing.

Non Benefits:

I’m getting a bit frustrated.  I have no real idea of what is going on with my leg.  I wanted to talk to my coach.  Somehow the way things worked out this week, there wasn’t time.  On tuesday, I wanted to see how things went for a few more day before I chatted with him.  Wednesday, I was distracted and by the time I got done, he was no where to be seen…Thursday, I had a fantastic upper body workout and I just didn’t really want to bring myself down with discussion of the painful hip, I guess.  Then on Friday, I actually got off work early, and was so hoping to be able to have 15 minutes of discussion without distraction…(This may have been why I was avoiding him anyway because he was working and I wanted actual 100% attention…).  he typically leaves really early on Friday so when I saw him, I was like…OK FINALLY!  but I noted he was really seriously working with one client, which is not his norm, so….left that alone and I think I actually left the gym before he did.

Looking at doing another Open Water Ocean Swim in August.  We’ll see what my coach thinks.  He is usually quite into them.  So we’ll see.

Work for whatever reason has got me entirely stressed out.  We still don’t have scores from the “Validation”  yet.  One of the managers and myself are having a lot of trouble logging in, but if we did have scores they would have emailed to tell us to look.  I’m still looking at other jobs, but less so because well…that takes a lot of energy.

Main goal is to get back to actually running on land.

my Weekly email has been sent off to Coach man.  I let him know I’m trusting him to get me to the start line this year.  I hope he feels the pressure and gets me going in the right direction.

Kind of a strange week, but not the worst I’ve ever had.




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  1. I hear you on the looking for new job part. After getting pep-talked to death by my older daughter and my counselor, I sat down and spent two hours rewriting my resume. And the result is…meh. All it says, to me anyway, is that I spent the better part of my life in education. If there’s anything there that says I could do something else, I’m not seeing it.

    Hope your leg is better! It sounds though like you really need to talk to Coach about it. It could be a serious injury.

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