30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Swimming the summer away

Apparently my coach was not too impressed with my little 4 mile run on Sunday.

Late Sunday Night…

I get this email…

Patience is prime. ‘In all your getting, get wisdom’ You need to be 100%. This week do all the runs in the pool. Just tread of the same amount of time it would take in the road. This is rehab mode. We need 0/10 pain.


So, I’ve been in the pool. Alot.


Luckily the view from the Pool is not that bad.

More Lucky, one of my friends who I didn’t know super well is also a bit injured.


She and I have spent some time together jogging in the pool.  It really makes the aqua jogging better if you can be chatting. We’ve really become better friends, and have enjoyed many aqua activities together, and now as we are pool jogging…we’ve decided to run a few races together.  This is a really good thing, for whatever reason there isn’t any of the awkward competitive stuff between us…so it feels right.  Yay for friends!!!

The dramatic weight loss that started when we reduced the running has continued.  This is concerning, either I was really eating poorly, I was entirely overtrained, or I was messing up nutrition on the long runs.  In addition, I was under horrible stress, and it seems to have abated just a bit.  All are possible.  So in a way having a big break like this seems to have helped.  The loss is a good thing, though it happened in an odd way.  I’ll be a better runner without those pounds. So fingers crossed.  I’m working now while not training hard to take off about 3-5 more.

Feeling patient.  But also a bit nervous.  lets see how I feel at the end of the week.  I feel almost ready to dial it in for the halves and Jax Bank…




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