30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Comedy of Injury errors.

So.  Here I am Injured.

I am better than this guy….I mean, I have stopped running before this.

So.  Yesterday I swam about 3000 yards.  My friend and I both went to the Lake swim.  It was her first time, she seemed to love it!  I actually found having a friend along made it easier to talk to people so we  had some nice conversations with some folks.  Really nice place.  Laid Back vibe.  Another friend of mine wants to come but she is not a good swimmer, and she is so LOUD, that I just so far have not invited her. She can always show up, but I am not gonna be a personal lifeguard.



Then I went shopping.  My leg was starting to feel really on the more solid and healed side of the world so I was thinking ahead at the next 22 weeks or so when I really need to focus in on the training.

To that idea, I decided to save some time…

and get the Unknown

Very.Big.Bag.of. Dog. Food.

They put them on the bottom shelf, I chose the 30 lb bag and hefted it up into the cart.  I admit I thought about it, and then thought, “I can lift 30 pounds…”  I can.  My back did not love it though and immediately put up a protest.  It got tighter and tighter as I shopped my way through the store, and by the time I got home it was really complaining.  I stuck an ice pack behind it and took motrin.

All I could think was this Huge bag of dog food, intended to save me some time during training….may have just set me back 2 more weeks healing time.  Then I was thinking about how to explain this to the coaching.

This morning, it was still a little bit stiffer than normal, but not too bad.  I went for the 4 miler on my schedule.  By mile 3 my quad injury had had just enough running, but in the end the run went “OK”

I foam rolled the back with a softer white foam roller and I think I am on the mend, though my leg is not 100% yet and my back is a bit troubling. Massage tomorrow, I hope will relieve the back of it’s behavioral issues.

This week I am 16 weeks away from Lighthouse Loop Half marathon. 20 weeks away from the biggest race party of all time, SPACE COAST half (for me) Marathon. and then about 24 weeks away from the marathon, I thought it was all sooner… soooo, now is the time.

SO I’m getting ready for what will surely be a wild training ride.

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