30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Sooo,  my leg…

It isn’t really better.

It also isn’t all that bad. It’s a bit hard to tell what exactly is going on with it.

I ran 2 miles today and struggled with all sorts of little niggles here and there, the intense heat and a feeling of frustration. I never settled into a rhytm, I was just so iffy about the leg.

I suspect in part too that I was frankly tired of training.  I had no races on the horizon and it seemed I was just putting in these huge mileage weeks, and not getting any results, just getting EXHAUSTED.

So I’ve now done about 2 weeks of pool jogging.

Yes, it really is pretty good for staying fit. 

But there is no impact so you bones, joints, ligaments etc, don’t really get the workout they need.

So I am feeling the need to get back on the pavement.  I am about 16 weeks out from my first half marathon of the season.  Our Season starts in October.

I need all of the 16 weeks to try for a PR, and I want about a 10 min PR.  I think I can get it, but…I’m not really sure.

So this leg is all tangled up, but we’ll see how things go.



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