30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Injury list…possibly

So I had a great great weekend.  I’m still on cloud nine about my nice long swim.  I will say It really was great to have a big accomplishment.  In addition, since it was a swim…and not many people swim, I really enjoyed not having my accomplishment compared immediately to everyone’s past experiences.


My coach actually told me that I had a “great performance all around”  He told me he was very pleased and that of course floated my boat a little higher.


One of the main reasons I did the swim was because he said I could.  He often says NO, so I assumed that I could actually do it regardless of what anyone else thought.

Anyway.  Training week started with a lot of soreness and pain in my left Quadriceps and hip.  I had a massage and it helped, but the area was still feeling tender.  I ran one 4 miler and it went ok, but to be honest, the leg hurt.

My coach carved out some time with me yesterday. I am ever grateful because I think he faced the wifely wrath for doing it.  She made sure to show up and be present and I guess she really wanted him home.  Oops.  He suggested the time. I had the time.

My coach used something called “Voodoo floss” on my quad.  Oh my.

This guy shows no pain, but I gotta say, this really feels crazy.  He really kept that on a lot longer than my coach recommended.  We were in the PT area of the gym and once he put that band around my quad I found it was pretty hard to walk.

After removing it, he moved it to one other area of my leg…I did like the guy in the video and moved all around.  and like a miracle

Miracles Happen

it felt much much better.  Not perfect, but much better.  We then did a bunch of squats.  My favorite line of the whole workout…

MG:  Coach, we are doing almost all squats today….

Coach:  you’re a runner, you want a big butt….

MG:  Ok then…

Today I ran a half a mile and just bagged it.  It hurts, it’s hot, humid there is nothing enjoyable.  I hit the pool for some pool jogging.  He agreed, and I will simply do it all in the pool until this little strain goes away.

How did I feel about the VooDoo band?  Ordering a set today.  They work.  Unfortunately once onehas a strain, well…it has to actually heal.  If you keep stressing it before it’s healed, well, you get this lingering thing.  Yay me.  So injured?  maybe?  Maybe not. Very happy to have discovered this VooDoo FLoss, though I think I’ll rename it Miracle bands.

If I was gonna get hurt, this is the very end of the window to do it in.  So I’m grateful for that.



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