30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Last 2 days

Friday and Today were really WET.

Friday I spent trying to get enough water treading to make up for an 8 mile run.  I did do the spin that I normally do on Friday for an hour.  At the time I was feeling kind of deflated.  I just was thinking, “Why am I doing this?  I never see results, I just end up getting hurt.”



Yeah, I was losing my patience.  No good attitude.  I just was feeling not so great.  It probably didn’t help that on Thursday I ran into my coaches wife.  She was very nice, but some of her statements implied that my long swim on Sunday was not going to go well.  For the first time ever I think she was actually being not very kind.  I have a very long swim tomorrow, and I’ll post about it no matter what, but thats not this post.  She just really irritated me.  She, like MANY people, made the mistake of making her experience, my experience.  This is not a fault that only she demonstrates.  Most people really have trouble getting out of their own head.  Luckily, she is NOT my coach. I’m not sure she intended to make me feel so angry, but she definitely was not being at all nice.  the Coach and I chatted some about the same swim.  I’m nervous about it, but if he thinks I can do it, then I probably can, barring any odd marine life encounters.  Our discussion was much more uplifting.  I think it mademe especially angry because frankly speaking…I made a huge effort to be nice to her, and I don’t really give a darn about what she thinks about me or my abilities….because she has no idea about them.

So by the time I hit the cycle on Friday Morning, I was still very irritated by her words. They added to fuel to the fire of “Why am I doing this”….  Post cycle, I had to hit the pool for pool running.  I ran into a friend Y.  there.  She is a lovely person and I wish I knew her better.  We jogged in the pool together for a very short time.  I was still marinating in negativity.  I ran for 30 minutes and then hopped out.  We then were able to have a longer conversation.  She and I just shared some of what each of us has been through with training this year.  It’s not been easy for either of us, and she was so so encouraging.  It really changed my entire morning, thank goodness…


Friday evening I took advantage of some free time and I got an extra massage on my left hip. It was still in so much pain.  My Massage Therapist became like a freaking Miracle Worker.Miracles Happen

I pulled prodded and pressure pointed my hip and quad.  Eventually he found a big knot buried deep in the muscle belly of one of the large quad muscles.  I’d been working on it for a week or two myself, but didn’t realize how large and weird it was.  He worked and worked on it, and I was able to get off the table in loads less pain than when I came in.  Today the pain remains essentially GONE.  SO miracle indeed.

Today I took myself to Lucky’s Lake and had a great swim.  I forced myself to chat with everyone, which is hard for me.  One of the men there told me he was thinking of doing the swim I’m doing, and gave me some good advice about it.  Asked a few questions about the distances I’d been swimming and my support crew and said, “Go enjoy it”  So that kind of made me hark back to Not so nice Mrs. Coach.

After that I hit the pool for 2 hours of pool jogging, 2 whole hours.  UGH.  Long and hot.  No company.  I prayed a little but it was hard because I pool jog with weights in my swim suit and no jogging belt, so I have to concentrate on staying UP.

I then felt very ready for the swim.  I can tell you…there is a little fire in my belly to get this suckker done.



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