30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Build weeks continue, in which I am saved by massage therapy

Soooo…my right hip has been getting TIGHT…..every day tighter and tighter like a wound up top.

My Massage Therapist worked on it last week, and I guess he succeeded in getting it ok enough that I ran through the week, and weekend.  This morning though, I really was not wanting to walk at all.

I sent off an email to the coach telling him I was going to pool run my 1 mile workout, and that my hip was painful.  Within about 45 minutes, I had a response from him telling me to PLEASE USE THE POOL. Even if I have to use it all week.

I pool jogged for 15 minutes, had a wonderful fun chat in the locker room with the “girls”  (of course).  I find that I really feel like I belong now to this crazy group of swimmers, triathletes and runners.  It is nice to feel that sense of belonging.


Work was Ok. I have to admit, i had a few moments of peace and quiet, and I just really had no idea exactly what to work on…Luckily the day like most, did come to an end.

I headed out to get the massage.  My therapist actually laughed when I got out of the car and told me “Walk normal now”  Yeah.  he then worked on me for about 1 hour and ten minutes.  He broke a sweat, I had some issues.  I think I cried out to Jesus more than is acceptable.  I was not thrilled, but by the end of the session my hip did feel better, and I am now able to walk….

we’ll see how I feel tomorrow, I have a swim and a run.  It may all occur in the pool.  It may not.

Races are so far away that I’m feeling pretty good about whatever happens and am deeeeeelighted to be freed from that really miserable hip pain.


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