30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Day 7 of build…wet but not wild

3800 meter swim  about 2.3 miles.

I was pretty tired on Friday and I slept an amazing 10 hours.   THis meant that I decided to skip Lucky’s Lake.  It’s about a 25 -30 minute drive and for once I just felt like lazing about.

So I took the trash out, walked the dog, did some dishes, and paid some bills…enjoyed a lovely unhurried cup of coffee…


And at about 11:00 am, I made it to the pool.  My goal was to get the swim done and not run into my coach.  This seems odd.  He and I have a nice working relationship, but I kind of like him to be able to do whatever he was planning on doing without feeling like he has to stop and chit chat with me.  He tends to swim later in the afternoon, so this worked out well…

The only thing…. I forgot Sunscreen.  I knew it as I was headed out…I could not find any.  In retrospect…I have some Oil of Olay for the face at SPF 15 or so…I should have at least put that on.



That is the miserable results a few hours later.  This is not an edited photo…I’m really that red. I spent too much time in the pool without the sunscreen.

The only positive is that I chose to wear a tank top rather than an actual swim suit – so I covered a bit more skin.

So yah.   3800 is kind of a longer swim, and not one to be done without sunscreen.  Hoping that this burn will be like the others- usually fades overnight.  Searching now for the screen for tomorrows run which will actually be mostly done in the dark anyway- it’s summer in Florida which means if you go to any running trails well…you will meet lots of us at odd hours of the pre-dawn.  Lets see how late I am tomorrow for my 13.

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  1. Ouch, I could almost feel my own skin tingle when I saw your picture! Aloe gel works wonders. But yeah, stay covered up until your back heals. I tend to brown rather than burn, which makes me careless about using sunscreen. A tendency to get skin cancer runs in my family however, so I try to at least use a moisturizer with SPF 15 on my face and neck. A hat also helps, but I hate dealing with hat hair when I go back inside, especially if we’re traveling and stopping at nicer restaurants and shops.

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