30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Day 6 of build….Soul sucking….

Well.  I knew Day 6 would be hard.

I got to the gym about 15 minutes later than I wanted which was very irritating to me. But 15 minutes is pretty good for my track record.

I got on the cycle and started to spin.  I felt tired.  So I took the level on the spin bike down a notch from the usual. I knew I would be feeling a bit fatigued from the speed work yesterday so I just accepted it and sucked in the oxygen.


I felt like this man.  I found this perfect picture on another blog so go give them some blog loving if you will…

The spin went ON and on and ON and on….60 minutes of spinning. I was really relieved when I finished it.  And I actually noted that there is apparently at weights class at 6 am, which looked pretty cool.

I then got geared up for the run.  I knew it would be hot and humid.  I planned a slow run.  I did not plan a Soul Sucking Death march.  But…that would be what I got…

I started out ok.  My pace was slow but fairly steady.  I actually took a few walk breaks and realized that I am really not acclimated to the heat/humidity.  I made it to mile 5 at an appropriate pace.  At that point the soul sucking came into play.  I was more than tired…I was just running literally on empty.  I was still sharp enough to figure out that this was going to be a strange one at that point and I just kind of shuffled I walked a few hills and tolerated the unpleasant-ness.  I was sweating so much that my compression shorts were making squishy noises…My water had warmed.  I felt nauseous.  After a bit the whole event seemed a bit surreal.  I kind of accepted that this run would never end, so when I got to the gym and my watch beeped I actually ran another 10th of a mile or so, and finally stopped…and was surprised that the run had actually come to an end.  8 miles of running….and all I could think when done was, Oh it actually ends…thank God!


I was not at all unhappy either.  I checked the time and foam rolled my back out.  I was probably hoping that my coach would be present so I could Moan at him, but I didn’t see him.  I was so tired by that time that I was feeling overly emotional anyway.

So I showered and went to deal with work.  Work was one ball of fun all day long.  So much strangeness went on that I am not so sure what all happened.  In the end it all worked out.  We had extrapulmonary Tb lessons and a variety of other things that were hard to deal with, but…key word, but not impossible, so that made for a more fun day…

I topped off the day with a burger at our local place with a friend and getting soaked in a Florida torrential downpour.

Something has got to give with the friday workout. I think it may be too much…It is better on a Saturday but saturday’s schedule isn’t right for it either.  Had a fairly involved conversation with my Coach last night…as involved as it can get while he was running 2 patients.  It seems we padded the schedule too much – I’ve had so many injuries he expected one would occur, so I am further in the training than expected, and of course my first race of the season isn’t until late October…. He said he is going to let me build a bit more and then pull back and let some distance ride etc, until we get closer to race day.  he told some funny stories about some of his past patients, and we commiserated about our sore necks- he has some c spine instability and I have a few things going on in the neck as well….and as he puts it, “Well here we are still”  And indeed, here we are.

Saturday is  a extremely long swim for me and then hopefully I will be recovered enough to run 13 on Sunday….we’ll see…

I’m a bit concerned about next week of build as this one was really a challenge.  but I definitely feel stronger than I did before so there’s the plus.


  1. Good luck. I had one of those soul suckers this week. Humidity is a beast, and of course all the other work you do on top of running doesn’t help…

    • mizunogirl

      THanks! I saw your post, but had nothing to add… I always try to tell myself that these runs build character, or endurance or fitness, but I gotta admit yesterday felt like none of these…so I started to wonder at what point is the training detrimental…I don’t think I’ve reached it yet, but man that Friday workout has got to be adjusted.

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