30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Build Day 5…Survival.

Thursday of each week is some form of Speed work.  On tap this week was 8 800 meter repeats.  So essentially the Yasso 800 workout, but shorter than 10.

Trust me people, if this is not a staple of your training…8 is enough.. Plenty.


I’ve started to do better with the 800’s partly because I’ve been doing them for so long now that I’m finally less frightened of them.  I am a bit more accustomed to the gross, vomit-prone feelings they induce…

So this morning, I got ready and got to the gym of course….Freaking 45 minutes later than I had hoped.



I managed to get on the mill with very few moments of anxious-ness and ran my 1 mile warm up.  Then I hit the first 800.  It was tougher than I imagined it would be, so that was not a great start…

When I do multiple 800 reps I always try to visualize dominos falling…


Since I sometimes miscount, I actually brought pencil and paper to keep track this week…I found not having to think about which rep I was on did help free up my brain.

Number 2 was better…and it went really stunningly until number 6.  BY Number 6, I was getting really bored with running repeats and I wanted to be done.  During my quarter mile breaks between the 800’s I was already planning on what I was going to tell the coach about how successful this workout was… So of course, I plow into number 6 full of confidence, only to find that my strength is starting to flag.  REALLY TOUGH interval.  Funny thing, on the quarter again, I just could not wait to get the quarter done so I could be done with the intervals.  Number 7 and 8 were also quite tough, but I prepped myself that they would be so….a little expectation of it makes it easier to deal with.

Wham Bam.  all got done.

(This video is cool, not only does it show my mental process, it shows the physics of tiny to large, worth a click)

After that I went to work.  Work is kind of fraught with problems.  I am pleased that I addressed several tasks that I dislike intensely.  Minutes writing, safety surveys of units, and dealing with difficult people.

I sent my coach an email about my awesome 800’s and was disappointed that he didn’t reply.

After work I had to go BACK to the gym.  arms and abs were on the schedule.  My hip had tightened up considerably during the day so it was actually a painful walk into the gym.  I nixed the 1 mile run I was thinking about for weights warm up and hit the stationary.  After 15 minutes spinning that miserable hip around i got off the bike and it was like one of those Jesus shows where someone can walk again.  It felt a lot better. I did the weights workout and at the end got on the foam roller and did a variety of stretches to help it.  The hip is still really tender and I think it is “annoyed”  but…took some motrin and we’ll see.  I have one more extremely tough workout tomorrow and then I’m kind of “home free for the week, since Saturday is a Very large swim, but I’ve never had an issue with swim.

Fingers Crossed.

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