30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Build Day 4, or How I am sore.

Build day 4 was a typical Wednesday workout… Brick brick baby Brick Brick!

50 min cycle and a 4 mile run.

Just like always I got to the gym later than I would have liked.


So I suppose I had littler egard for myself, since the only thing I’m ever late for usually is my own workouts.

I cycled.  It was actually a little tough to get going and I had a hard time sustaining the speed.  I just felt kind of tired.  By the end  of the cycle I was feeling a bit better, so that was great.

Hopped of the bike, and got prepared for the run.  Whoa.  It summered up outside overnight.  We didn’t have an afternoon rain yesterday so all the humidity hung round and the temp while not that high was a bit higher than yesterday.

My run today was supposed to be “smooth and easy”  so I started out, feeling some irritation in my left hip…I just decided to try to run through it, and by the end of the first mile I had forgotten about it.  First 3 miles, like yesterday were fine.  Mile 4….was not so fun, like yesterday, but unlike yesterday, I just ran up the hills, I would have stopped at the top of one but there was a person there and I didn’t want to look like a tired runner, so I ran on by…

I felt great when I finished. My back was super sore, so I foam rolled.  Ran into coach.  Told him it was a good day to sweat.  he reminded me his gym has no AC and is about 85 degrees.  I made some comments about his gym, and promptly didn’t feel very tough.  Then I remembered, I didn’t do that run on the TM….so I felt slightly tougher.  Overall, I wish I had had a few more minutes with him to discuss this week, but that didn’t happen.

About an hour after I got to work Massive soreness stuck me!


The Hardy Boys did not come to solve the issue.  I think it may have been the combo of leg day yesterday and the harder run today.  I’m a bit concerned about speed work tomorrow as my glutes and adductors dont feel 100%.  I drank a ton of water today to flush out anything and strolled a bit longer than normal with the dog.  We will see how things go tomorrow.  At least I’m sure of one thing, I did work hard on the leg weights yesterday!


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