30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Let’s begin the build (again)

Here we go.

Today I had a 12 mile run.  I ran, very very slowly on the Van Fleet Trail.  A friend of mine drove me out there and rode her bike.  I so appreciated her because she planted my fluids.

Van Fleet has been called “The most Isolated Bike Trail ever”  And it really lives up to this reputation.  It’s a nice trail, very straight, and exceedingly flat.  It’s the site of some supposed Big Foot sightings even…. I will save you the suspense, I didn’t see big foot.

Now there is just something funny about Van Fleet.  I have only been out there maybe 4-6 times in my entire time here in Florida.  I think my total elevation gain for the entire run was about 100-200 feet.

Every time I go out there, I have this idea that I’d going to be really speedy due to the flat.  Yeah right. I am ALWAYS slower than normal.   This time I chose it because a friend of mine had promised to bike out there with me. I texted her on a whim.  I thought she would say no, but she said Yes. So…Van Fleet it was.

Part of my problem with the Van Fleet’s Flatness is that I get going kind of fast and then I can not sustain it.  The trail is SO much flatter than anything I’m used to.  I guess the hills tend to slow me down…and then of course I rely on the downs to gather speed.

Sooo.  Since I have a pretty flat marathon coming up, I suppose it’s good to “practice”.  I should add also that there is a bit of Bad “Juju”  if you will about the Van Fleet- one of the reasons it remains a pretty desolate trail.  My Coach has told me he thinks, “Bad things happen out here”  At one of the trailheads many cars have been vandalized by a local resident….(easy pickings for sure when you see a cyclist head out..).  In addition it’s out in the middle of nowhere…so bad cell reception, if any….you name it…

But what Van Fleet has that other trails don’t is Wildlife….in abundance.  It’s not developed land, even around it.

14741620 CIMG1815_Green_Swamp



So we saw all these nifty things- river otters, Bunnies, cardinals, a ribbon snake, and I heard the alligators, but…I didn’t see the alligators.

So the run came and went and I felt pretty energetic, even at the end.  Didn’t hurt that the temperatures felt grand.

Now… I just got next week’s workout plan.   I get to do some training.  For reals.


  1. Would you have run this trail by yourself? I’m just wondering, as there are a couple of bike trails here that are very scenic, but I’m afraid to ride them alone as a number of homeless people have set up camps along the way. I may have to join a cycling club in order to ride them, though the club members tend to be racers who are riding for time. I don’t think they’ll welcome a middle-aged woman on a commuter bike.

    • mizunogirl

      Ive been out there alone, but I have to admit, I don’t think I’d choose it again alone. It just isn’t that great of a place to run. I’d call your local cycle store. They usually have group rides for all levels. they want business, so they welcome anyone on certain rides, and you might make some buddies that want to ride and enjoy rather than worry about time!!! I have not had any time to really learn the bike.

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