30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Friday Fail Day


Thursday I had to have a massage in my house.

It was AWFUL.  I LOVE my massage therapist, but I think I hate to have people in my house.  It’s pretty messy.  I did make an effort to clean up a bit but with the dog shedding so much, my vacuum gets clogged with fur, and well…I usually do cleaning on rest week- which is in 3 days.

BUT…My legs and back were starting to hurt a bit.  So I bit the bullet.

On top of the house not being so clean,  he was of course looking around and making a lot of comments on every little thing…books on the bookshelf, various photographs, the granola bars on the counter…I really should have waited until next week….

So that done, I didn’t really get to sleep on time for the workout that I had on the books.  an hour spin and a 7.5 mile run.  All Before getting to work all clean and shiny at 0800.  I forgot to tell my boss my plan to be 15 mins late, so…

I did get up without too many problems, get dressed, walk the dog and get ready for the gym, and arrived at 5 am.


I decided to eat my granola bar while cycling.   This was oh so not a good choice.  I was pushing hard on the cycle to start with and the granola was fine, but…it did give me a bit of a cramp, and well it just was a bad idea.

THe cycle ended up being a bit on the slow side, and when I got off I admit I was not “feeling the workout”  But…I went ahead and started the run.  Apparently Summer on a beach

has arrived in full force.    Hurricane season has started and we are having lots of rain or threats in the afternoon.  It is warm and it is humid.

And it goes on for like, forever.


So after running about a half a mile I started to walk, and really was feeling the grossness of the weather.  Coach told me to treadmill it if the weather got to me, so I headed back to the gym, cursing myself for time lost.

Did 5.5 on the mill and then finished off.  He was already at work, but I just left. Didn’t particularly want to have any discussion.

Sent him an update later.

Man, it’s going to be one long summer…and I can’t TM it forever.



  1. I hate guests… Good luck with the ‘mill. Funny how the treadmill is so important for a Floridian summer… Never thought of the treadmill being a break from the heat…

  2. I also don’t like having people I don’t know well stop by my place. I try to keep it clean, but during the average work week, stuff piles up…and it’s embarrassing to have to clear a spot for the person to sit down, while I apologize about the dust and “I haven’t been home very much lately.”

    It’s been hitting the high 90s here, but our heat is dry, and it cools down fairly fast once the sun goes down. That said, I’m always surprised by the guys who run in late-afternoon sun. I’d be worried about heat stroke. I’ve seen people pass out at public events after they’ve been standing in the sun for a couple of hours.

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