30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Speedy Thursday of course

Thursday is of course Speed work.

I’ve had a good training week so far.

Today is kind of one of those “VERY IMPORTANT WORKOUTS”

Some of course are just time on your feet type workouts, important, but in general you complete the workout to complete it.  Others, like the 800 meter repeats…are really focused on pace and time and tax both the muscles and mind.

Since the week was going pretty good, I was feeling fairly confident.

But..of course, I started to have some lack of confidence as I got to the gym.  One thing that helped is that I didn’t have a ton of free time this morning, so I had to pretty much arrive at the gym, and get on the treadmill and GO.

The first mile warm up was slow and then all of a sudden it was done.  I turned up the speed, and accidently turned it one setting higher than  planned.101522739_M_copy

It didn’t seem so bad, so I just kind of left it there and went for it.  I nailed the first interval.  After that of course, well…one can not simply just go back to a slower one can they?  Oh yes, the track is kind of permanently closed, so I will probably forever be doing Treadmill Speed work. It is not as good, but it still is Speed work.

For whatever reason, today, I was able to hit all 7 of my half mile (800 meter) repeats at the faster time.  I started to wonder if the TM I had chosen was like a magic treadmill, etc. Or if there was a setting that wasn’t correct.  Or….I finally decided to go with…


It is possible that I am showing some slight improvement. Huh.

I tried hard to resist, but I had to let my coach know.  Typically I do send him a thursday email with paces, but sometimes I do not.  So today I used that as an excuse.  I was so so excited that happy tears were coming to my eyes.  But I being tough sent off a very short and kind of to the point mail, but did mention that I was feeling encouraged. I didn’t really expect to hear back from him.  He always responds if I ask a question, but..for information not always.  About 30 minutes later my phone buzzed and with three words, I was almost in tears again.  Having a coach to share those moments helps because most everyone else is not going to recognize the achievement or understand what it took to get there. Your coach always knows.

After that I spent the day in meetings and now we are going to try in house massage which is like not at all going to be fun but My hip is killing me…so…

I admit, with this improvement showing and a rest week looming, I am feeling extremely excited for fall racing.  just gotta stay uninjured.


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