30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Build week continues…

My headache continues.  It is intermittent now, but still kind of debilitating when it is present.  I oddly had a moment to ask an Ear, Nose, Throat physician about it.  He said I could have a “micro fracture”  from getting the foot in the face etc out at the lake.  I’m going to continue to treat a bit, and if it does not improve…xrays.


Training continues.  Tuesday was big I ran a tempo-pace run in the morning, and in the evening I did a weights workout and then a 2000 yard swim.  By Swim time, I was a bit over the workout.  weight-lifter-4

The swim got done, but boy oh boy.  I got home and pretty much collapsed.

Rolled out of bed…and did the short Brick  45 mins on the cycle, and 3 miles run.



It was pretty fun actually. The cycle was kind of brutal.  But the run was OK.

Sadly my Massage guy cancelled on me AGAIN.  He moved offices.  The paint is not fixed.  He offered to come to my house.  My house is a mess.  Sooo. Foam Roller.

I spent about 35 minutes on the foam roller.  After I went to speak with my coach.  We had a pretty good chat and he told me about his cave diving weekend, which was neat to hear about.

I confirmed that I’m going to do this 3.75 mile swim to which he grinned away.  After of course I kind of overstayed my welcome if you will because I kept trying to say goodbye and we kept getting interrupted…but oh well.  We are on the same page right now.  It’s important because I have a little bit less than a year to get totally ready for Comrades.  I am just not so sure about this adventure.

Man oh man.  I am tired, and I want a massage.  Hopefully tomorrow.


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  1. I must have missed the post about the foot in the face at the lake. Hope you feel better soon. That headache doesn’t sound good. When I was a kid taking swim lessons at the municipal pool, another kid accidentally kicked me in the face, causing an epic nosebleed. I think the swim teacher was more alarmed about it than me: but still, my mother pulled me out of lessons for the rest of the week after I complained of a slight headache afterwards. My old doctor said it was a minor bruise in the cartilage of the nose and sent me home with an ice pack. Hope your fix is as simple as that….

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