30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Memorial Monday



if you believe Facebook…. we are all worshipping the war machine today.

images-1 Bush, Families Mark Memorial Day At Arlington National Cemetery images-4Now…my Grandfather served in the Air Force during WWII.  He was, in my eyes, always a hero.  He was a reconnaissance man who worked hard to take photos of the enemy, allowing for tactical strikes, etc etc.  He was a lucky man to survive that.  Never sat around and told war stories.  Told me in 1995 or so to never enter the service..because he believed it was going to be a messy decade and dangerous.  He was not wrong..

As a Quaker…well.  We believe there is that of God in everything….including your enemy.  It makes killing a bit more of a debate.   I really struggle with this.  When we had the first Gulf war, I really was struck by the enormity of it.  All around me there was a rush to “support the troops but not the war”  This makes things very convenient.  You can feel all gushy and patriotic…but supposedly at the same time…be against War efforts.  Most people though when they got down to it, also supported the war, which was disappointing to me.  I do support returning veterans, especially those that served in combat areas.  Many of these vets joined the service as a stepping stone for a better life…and I can respect that.  I can also respect those who chose not to serve.  It takes actually a lot of guts to stand up to the Government and your peers and say, “No I believe this is wrong”.  So, as far as war, and killing, I am against it. I do wish we had fewer people willing to “give all”  for my freedom.  If we had fewer enlistees, we might be a bit more careful with their lives…maybe.

That said, I think behind the sanctimonious memes…lots of people are doing the memorial day thing:

BBQ, shopping, and relaxation.

FOr my part…I went to Lucky’s Lake and had a swim. I got a horrible amount of water up my nose and it seems, into my sinus cavity.  I am a bit concerned as the lake, like most in Florida, is known to have the Amoeba.   So…I’ll be watching myself for symptoms.




  1. I’m so glad you wrote this. There’s a general perception that if you are against the wars in Afghanistan, and earlier, in Iraq, you’re unpatriotic and against the troops. Yet I’ve always thought, ‘If you care so much about the troops, why do you send them into wars where they can be maimed or killed?’ The photo that’s making the rounds on the internet, the one in which a little boy tearfully accepts the flag from his father’s casket during a military funeral, doesn’t fill me with flag-waving fervor. Instead I’m deeply saddened to think of all the children who will grow up without fathers or mothers. A lot is made of the sacrifices these soldiers and their families gave for our freedom. Shouldn’t that give our political leaders pause before they decide to embark on another foreign war?

    On a less heavy note, I liked that video of the person swimming/kayaking on the lake. I haven’t swam in a natural body of water in a long time, not after I got swimmer’s itch from a lake in Minnesota. I’m hoping you didn’t pick up an amoeba in your nose!

  2. mizunogirl

    I’m also hoping that no amoeba entered my head. It really is kind of a difficult time we are living in. people are so polarized. I do have compassion for folks who have lost family who were in service. I also have compassion for folks who have simply lost family members to accidents/disease. Someone recently posted a nice statement saying “Not all who put on a uniform are heroes.” while it seemed kind of snotty, it was also quite an accurate statement. I really do not think of my friend the HR secretary at one of the bases, as a hero. She is enlisted, and she does a great job, but she is the first to say she’s not taking any bullets or risks there on base. (though with shootings on the rise…)

    I do enjoy Lucky’s Lake. It’s one of the 10 cleanest lakes in Orange County Fl, and the guy, Lucky fought a hard won battle to keep a sewage pipe from discharging into there, so we know we have a treasure. Now. to not be exposed to amoeba….

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