30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Time Trial Friday

I’m rarely asked to do a time trial by my coach, so I was a bit surprised to see it on the plan, but, it occasionally happens.

So today was a 1500 time trial in the pool.  Sadly in the morning, I realized there was also a 2 mile run.


2 miles is not problem.  Had I known about it before I made the brave decision to sleep in and do the workout in the afternoon.

Sleeping in felt great.


I awoke at about 4 am and decided that I could really use a few more hours.  (note- I went to bed last night at 7:45 pm, seriously.  I was probably asleep by 8-8:30pm).  So I slept….got up at 6:30, and thought about hitting the pool because 1500 isn’t that much.  I probably could have made it but decided to go ahead with my plan of a relaxing morning.  Somewhere during the morning, I realized that it wasn’t just a swim.  It was also a short run after.  We’ve had a good weather week- in the morning its been cool and nice (mid 60’s, very low 70’s) but the afternoons have been blazing hot.

Today was no different.

I was able to get done with work an hour early and start my holiday weekend with a short visit to the coach.  We had a good discussion of my hip that is bugging me (my right hip, not my surgical one.), and the fact that Comrades 2015 is about 365 days away now… (June 1 is Comrades day!!!  He said he thought I could easily do the qualifier.  I agreed.  We talked a bit about cave diving- his current passion- not mine.  Then discussion of the next couple of weeks and I was off to hit the pool.

The swim was kind of a crazy thing…long course which slows one down.  Short course has double the walls to push off of and speed one’s self up…but the sun was great, the water was nice, and all went as expected.  I felt pretty crazed by the end of it, as I am not used to swimming anything but a comfy pace….I was breathing hard when I finished.  The I needed to get out and run.  Whew.  I just got dressed and started the run.  It hurt pretty bad, as my legs were pretty tired from the time trial.  I ran and then took a few walk breaks, sweat was flying off me.  The sun was beating and beating down.  I did finish it, but it was really less than ideal.  Still, as I walked into the air conditioned gym, I felt a certain amount of satisfaction that I had completed the training and it seemed to me that I can manage my training this cycle.

We’ll see won’t we.  There are so many big changes occurring…


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