30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Today was 800 m repeat day.

This is the hardest training for me mentally and physically. Some of the other workouts are longer, but they lack the same intensity of sailing off for half mile repeats at what feels like a breakneck speed.


One’s body can usually do these repeats, but what really gets me is my mind.

Today, after last week’s failure, I was keen to succeed.  But…I was also apparently quite nervous.  When I am nervous about a run, I cough.  I have a horrible asthmatic cough, and when it gets tripped…I guess it’s pretty alarming.  This morning I was changing my shoes in the locker room, and coughing.  It must have been loud because the gym attendant finally came back to see if I was OK.  She was alarmed, so I reassurred her, and tried to stop the wheezy cough.

As soon as I started to run, the cough disappeared.  I totally enjoyed listening to the Gospel Hour on I heart radio, but…for whatever reason, I Heart decided to randomly play Beach boys music as well.


So from R & B style Gospel..to Good Vibrations.  Not really an issue, but boy oh boy when one is running and kind of hanging on for dear life and the Beach Boys come crooning on….well…that requires further effort.

So pleased with today.  Hoping this continues.

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