30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Tuesday Tough day

Woweee.    We are still in the last throes  of a Florida Spring.  This means our highs are in the 80’s and we have actual lows that dip into the mid sixties.  To us Floridians, it feels chilly.  We wear jackets and sweatshirts.


This weather to me is excellent for slumber.  I need no A/C and the temperature is just perfect to encourage sleep.

Sounds good, until the alarm goes off at 4:17 am.

I employed the snooze button vigorously.  I did eventually arise and get started for the transition tuesday workout.  Swim, run, swim, run…rinse and repeat.

I was pretty late to start the workout and I don’t know how but I was *just* on time for work.  The workout itself went much better than expected, which helped my mood during the day.

Also got some interesting work news.  Looks like they are restructuring the department again.  I shall have a new boss again.  My current boss is unaware, and that is making it hard for me to take her seriously…because she won’t be my boss for too much longer.  (or so they say…)

Work is still kind of this odd limbo state.


Uh yeah, no…Not THAT kind of limbo.

I have submitted my templates for validation and am awaiting a records request.  Once we get the request, I will spring into action, and then I will wait about 2-3 months for a score.  Hoping I pass.  If not..hoping I didn’t fail horribly.

So work…

then workout AGAIN.  I did a weights workout, but really found it to feel like too much.  While I worked up an incredible sweat, I found that everything was just HARD.  So…I cut it a bit shorter than normal…and here I sit.

I seem to be recovered from my ick.  and well, we’ll see how the next week goes.

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