30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Rest day thoughts

What do you think about on your rest days?  How many do you take?  Some people I know train with 2 rest days a week, most seem to take one day entirely off.

I get a rest day about once monthly.  I am not super tough, I just have “active” recovery type days that are generally ridiculously easy workouts.

But today, after my week o’ pain. I was rewarded with an entire day to rest.


I slept in.


This distressed my dog who is a true creature of habit.  By 4:45 am he was moving about looking at me, rearranging his position…you name it.

I got up at about 6:30. This seems kind of regular to lots of people, but compared to 4:30 this was a treat.

I was actually late for work, as it was so unusual, I had no understanding of when to leave my home for work..rather than when to leave for the gym.

I worked. Work was as usual really bizarre.

For most of the morning I was ok.  I am still feeling a bit fatigued.  I struggled with the usual Monday catch up…and kind of reveled in the fact that I had NOTHING to do today.  No hard pushes, nothing.

I then started to entertain some doubt.

I started by worrying intensely about my eating.  This rest week is the best opportunity I have to reduce 1-2 pounds.  If I had even tried last week- I would have probably fainted.  I had to keep eating at strange times last week.  So, I fired up the “My fitness pal” ap to keep better track this week on eating.

After work, my massage guy cancelled (rescheduled to wednesday) so I went shopping for healthy foods.  Knox_Fit

I have got to get rid of at least 8 pounds if I want to be successful with training this year.  They are just holding me back.  So…I thought a lot about food.

I managed to not think too much about training.  Or worry about losing fitness.  I admit though, I saw this entire week- it’s tiny tiny tiny in volume and well, everything. I keep wondering what my legs will do on Sunday.

So yes, my biggest fault, even when I am not training, “I’m training”…..I think it is the most pleasant thing I do these days.

To my credit I also:

*did dishes

*changed the sheets

* took the dog for a much longer than normal walk

*Deleted the Garmin history as it was not showing my latest runs.

So some other items on my life list of challenges did get cared for.  This whole week is a bit of a catch up.

I’m starting to also kind of hone in on my goals and things and hopefully tune out some of the “mean girl” chatter or just “psychobabble”  that I’ve been dealing with.

Worst thing, after all that, I could’t sleep all night long, I am just not used to not being entirely exhausted at bedtime.

Made todays short little run a challenge that I didn’t want!  Here’s to better sleep tonight!


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