30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Sufferin’ part 2…

What a lesson this Grind week has given me.

On Sunday, I was 100% sure it was a rest week.  Look here if you don’t believe me.   I remember thinking that it would be a cut back and that I’d be all bright eyed and bushy tailed.



Sunday evening kind of earlier than normal my email came.  I stared at it in disbelief. Then I thought well, there’s lots of pool work, so it’s rest.  Then I counted the miles…32 running miles…then I was like maybe I need to look at what I told him.  In my desire to be tough, I mentioned one time that I “Felt kinda tired”  and that my “Legs felt flat but functioning” I did not use the words exhausted, or so tired I can’t bear it.  Maybe I should have, but then again…

As I was staring at that and kind of feeling a little queasy, I got the second email.  A one sentence thing.  “Next week is your rest week.”  I almost responded, but instead decided to grit my teeth and see what happened with the week.

So I started out Monday feeling intimidated, a little bit battered up and bruised, Add in a dose of mild irritation at the coach, and you might get a gist for my feelings.

As noted in my last post Mon-Wed went pretty well.

Thursday is speed work. I had one mile repeats.


I was intending to do them outside, but well…someone on Facebook told a horrible story about being followed in a truck by a bad bad man on a well lit run.

To do the mile reps, I would start and run for at least 90% of it in the dark.  I was sufficiently creeped out.burglar5

So I did treadmill.  After most of the repeats I struggled not to throw up and after number 3, got a few tears in my eyes.  Signs that I was at the threshold, which is oddly, where one wants to be in these workouts. I admit, I took the repeats at a bit of a slower than normal pace.  He said 5K pace.  I understood that to mean, not 5K PR pace, but 5K pace from the last 5K I ran when I kind of fumbled.  It worked out. The moment that I want to tear up is always a happy moment for me, because I then know, “Yes! I am working”

Things also seem to be going well with coaching. We talked a couple times this week, I checked in on Monday because I had time and I was concerned about the week. He totally reassured me that all of my runs, swims and cycle times might be slower than normal, but to just dig in and go for it.  I mentioned that all of a sudden the hills were getting easier.  he said, “Oh you think you might be getting into shape?” Arrrugh!  I wanted to just slap him, but he’s right, I sure was OUT of shape for a while there.

On Thursday  We had a discussion and both of us laughed about how when one is down at a track and is kind of contemplating hurling pretty much everyone around understands that this is based on the exertion.  Up there in the gym…sweet little 70-something ladies who glide on the treadmill gently inquire if “things are OK”….Just a different scenario. We talked about how it’s good to have a coach.  It’s important right now because I see a lot of people starting to seemingly surpass me, which is really frustrating.  He reminded me that last October, I got injured and sick. I came very close to being hospitalized. I told him I thought that was crazy, so he pulled out the emails from October.  Whoa. They were all about lab work, training, cardiology visit, renal physicians visits.  I was pretty ill, but there wasn’t much to do about it.  Lots of people put a ton of junk out there on Facebook, and stuff, but I didn’t.  It didn’t benefit anyone to hear that I was having training troubles.  Plus I was so so angry. I try to manage my FB image tightly and there isn’t any room for dramatic statements about my renal function. people do not like complainers, and I dislike getting a lot of advice that I’m not gonna use.

Thursday night was Bday party for a dear friend, so I uncharacteristically was out until 9:45 pm.  It was a fun time, but right about 9- everyone started looking at their watches saying….”Oh my it’s past bedtime!”  I finally laughed out loud, and said, “Yes you can tell when you are in the company of quality people when every one of them notes that 9pm is so late!” Everyone in the room agreed.  We are nuts, but we are in good company.

Ahhhh.  thats us, but you know we really do feel like we live life to the fullest.

Friday I swam 2 miles and ran, and somehow made it to work on time.  I admit, I was exhausted at work.  Really exhausted.  Luckily there were not critical tasks to get done.  A lot of little stuff got done.

Saturday: buoyed by excellent sleep I had a nice cycle and run in the rain.


I watched a lot of people hit the treadmill on Saturday as I cycled.  The only really legit thing was a couple of pros doing speed work.  It is hard to do that in the rain on a slippery track.

After I cycled, I just didn’t want to do 4 on the mill, so I suited up and hit the great outdoors.  It was raining.  My insoles bunched up in my shoes under my arches.  It was just wet.  During the run I didn’t think it was raining that hard, but when I got back the puddles left in my wake told a different story.  Still.  It is just water.

Downside to this was that my Cortanas got soaked.  Not just kind of wet, but Drenched.

So could not wear them for the long run.

Saturday night I went to do my volunteer duty for Disney.  Our entire run club went but I only saw 3 others I knew, they had us scattered far and wide.  4 of us stuck together to be “clue distributors” for Expedition Everest 5K .  I am not a huge fan of running Disney Events, but I really enjoy volunteering.  This was neat too because we got to be in Animal Kingdom at night.  Having never been to Animal Kingdom, I got very distracted by the pools of Flamingos etc…

Anyway, upshot of this, I got home at 1:30 am.

I arose at 7 am. Noted my shoes were still nasty  sopping wet and made an executive decision to run in my racers, lightweight not that supportive, but DRY.  Had I had more forethought, I would have worn these for the 4 miler on Saturday…and saved the others….for today. It was a long 11 miles, and slow, but it got done.  I was delighted at that.  THen a 30 minute spin and

I have exited the Hurt Locker.  What a relief.  Next Monday, I think I get to go back in, which will be AWESOME.







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