30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Wow.  what a Friday.

I had a 3000 yard swim. That’s about 1.7 miles in a pool.


I am starting to dislike Fridays workouts more than Thursday speed work.

In addition, I seem to have strained my hip flexor slightly.  It isn’t hindering me too much, but certain movements are really painful…and sadly while they are not movements for swim or run, they are movements of every day living.  So, taking the emergency brake off the car hurts.  Pulling my leg up hurts, and stuff like that.  It is mostly annoying, and I regret the treadmill as it does stuff like this.

So I hit the pool at 6 am…and swam for an hour.  I counted, worried about work, worried about trying to work with a certain physician. and in general worried.

I then got out. I was in that other world moment and the lifeguard tried to talk to me, but I really didn’t want to talk. She wanted to ask about my coaching, and I really for whatever reason didn’t want to talk about that with anyone. I still felt like I was doing flip turns…

I then got suited up for running. (i took off the swim top and put on a shirt.)  and started the run. 2 weeks ago I did this same workout (the swim was a little shorter) and It crushed me.  I could not really run it.  I jogged and fought through those 3 miles. Last week I did a similar workout but only 2 miles no problem.  This week, it was back up to 3.  3 by itself is no problem, 3 after the swim…

Well.  My legs were tired.  Not sure how sexy they were.


I just ran a comfortable pace.  As I was running along, I was thinking…yeah this is what doing an Ironman competiton feels like but that would be worse.  I reminded myself that nothing really hurt and I could keep going at the slower pace.  I started to think, yes this is why this training is so valuable.  My legs and lungs functioned great.  My mind…not so much.  My Mind wanted to stop. My Mind kept telling me…”you don’t have to run so much…why not take a break”  My legs and lungs…continued.  It is super valuable to learn to run and continue running on tired tired legs.  My hope is that this training will serve me well come Race day.  It was pretty neat to see how much I was able to improve over a few weeks.

That said…I believe that this next week is a rest week.  If not I may have to lay down and die.  The weekend has 2 tough workouts.  Plus I’m going to swim at the lake.

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