30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Silent Saturday

I never heard this term as a child for the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

At any rate, it’s kind of a good term.  On this day it is said that Jesus Christ “rested’ in the tomb…or alternatively, descended into hell for the redemption of all those who not  condemned who had died before Christ’s time. It is a great time to think on the sacrifice he made. Even if you are not a Christian, it is hard to deny that there was a man Jesus who was influential and was crucified approximately 2014 years ago.  Even if you do not believe he was the Son Of God, you may agree that he did indeed die a gruesome death that did change the world forever.  (Hence BC and AD.)

I decided to go to Lucky’s Lake for a swim.  I had not been out to Lucky’s since June last year.  I used the Amoeba as an excuse, but actually for whatever reason in June I had a difficult swim, and was a little uncomfortable in the open water setting, and decided that I didn’t “need” Lucky’s for my training.  I am not a tri-athlete, so OWS (Open Water Swimming)  isn’t really going to help me in my marathon hopes. I admit too, the Amoeba is really a pretty scary thing.

So what brought me back to Lucky’s?  Well it wasn’t because it was the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Iwas actually feeling a bit lonely.  While I have great friends, there aren’t too many that LISTEN and understand.  Many people I run into these days are really pursuing an agenda and *I* find that I often feel as if I am in their lives to help their agenda. So, I decided that I would tune these people out for a while and found myself feeling alone, so I decided to actively pursue my own agenda- positive normal people.    I started seeing that lots of people who meet that bill have been swimming out at Lucky’s and thought, hey you know….

After a brief chat via messenger yesterday, and a bit of waffling, I found myself at 7:15 in the morning at the edge of the lake again.

LuckysLakeCollageAnd indeed many people I know were there.  Only one I know close enough to be really considered a pal, but the others, I am friendly with and we had a pretty good time chatting as we got ready to swim. I was actually comforted by this group of athletes.  Lucky’s brings out the best in everyone.  No competition, No left handed comments, No bragging was heard.  Just Hi, Hello, what’s up, looking good there…and tips tips tips for first timers!

The swim itself was amazing.  It was, like last time, dark and silent- the only thing I heard all the way through was sort of a bubbly gurgly noise.

A bit like the beginning of the video before all the guitar kind of ruins it…

It was a very isolating feeling.  I knew that there were lots of people around me and occasionally I saw a foot or an arm, but I felt essentially a bit alone.  (Part of this is also because I can’t sight- which means I swam rather off course..oops) I felt like so many of my sense were kind of cut off…I could barely see anything, and the water cut out all other noises.  Every once in a while I’d stick my head up and sight the buoys and all sense would return…then back to the dark gurgling.

I started to think that this may have been similar to the level of consciousness that  Christ Jesus experienced as he sufferred on the cross.  Early on when he experienced blood loss, I have no doubt that his vision did blur, that sounds became hazy and fuzzy.  In addition to that, I realized he suffered pain so great I could not imagine it.

So on Silent Saturday, at a Lake Cane, swimming with 75 of my closest pals (ha ha ha) mostly because I had been feeling lonely…I came to a deeper understanding of Christ Jesus and his sacrifice.  Pure Amazing.   Have a Happy Easter! May you find Peace, May the world find Peace.




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