30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Tuesday Training

Just my usual training blog entry.  Up and down day.

Monday I got an “invitation”  to explain the infection stuff to the CEO in 24 hours.  This is a good thing, but just not really what I was prepared for…overall.  I also found out on Monday that the Center For Medicaid/care services HAI validation rules had been changed once again exactly 2 weeks to the submission deadline.

I was just overwhelmed by it all.  luckily I had an easy workout that day.  I had a massage that night and luckily that went really well as well. I like my massage therapist and even though it was a difficult one, it was super productive.  He worked a lot of bad stuff out.


I knew I had to get to work kind of early because I was still preparing for the CEO.

So oddly, my phone ran out of battery while I slept but I awoke of my own accord at 4 am.  I just got up and managed to enjoy the dog walk, the coffee and the bread breakfast.

I found a makeshift swim suit (Speedo swim shorts and a tank top…) and managed to get to the pool at 0538 am.  8 mins after it opened. Not bad.  I saw my newly found friend T.  and was cheered by her being there!  I got the swim done.  I then got dressed and hit the run.  It felt good for the first time in a long time.


Yeah, so The full moon was out but it wasn’t pink or red or anything special.  For more info on the super moon…click here.

I really enjoyed the run.  It wasn’t super fast, but I felt strong and nothing hurt too badly.

I had a pretty long work day and returned to the gym for a weights work out.  Weights and I have been struggling.  Today it went OK.  I did exactly what I had planned, and enjoyed some conversation with one of the gym trainers, and some gym members.  I wanted to have a conversation with my coach but he was working and I really had no questions, so I opted not to interact.  I have my plan and my job is to execute.  I had a few frustrating moments with a friend of mine who was going on and on and on and kind of posturing about how great she was… and so I left feeling less satisfied.  Suddenly, I felt kind of alone with what I am doing at work, and what I am trying to do with training.  It’s a strange feeling.  I just was suddenly so simply alone.

I am however, doing 100 happy days.  So..I had to find something to post for 100happy days.  it wasn’t hard to find something I was happy about, but boy…I would have rather whined.  Guess that’s the point of the 100 happy days.

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