30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Training Week Wrap Up.

This was a particularly challenging training week.  The workouts weren’t that bad, but I guess situationally they were.

Monday: I was still in San Francisco. noname-10

Yep.  We went to the famous spot.  At that point I was kind of losing my patience with my host. It was a very warm day in San Francisco, and we were driving about looking at the sights.  I had requested a visit to the Japanese Tea Gardens, but apparently this did not interest him because I got a “we can drive by it”  when we did, I really really wanted to go see more, but alas, that for whatever reason wasn’t to happen.  But Haight Ashbury did, which was cool.  Back in the day, I went to a lot of Grateful Dead shows.  My host was surprised that I wasn’t still really “into” the Dead, but you know…we all have to grow up.  Even when I was going to shows, I kind of always felt like the people who hardcore followed the Dead were a little strange.  I mean, great band, great shows…but I wanted to do more than just that. So occasionally when I see people kind of wallowing it in, I feel aggravated, but I was already tired so…  It was actually kind of interesting, but it wasn’t a workout. (To be fair neither was the Tea Gardens)  So Monday.  Rest day.  and travel day at Midnight, I got on a Red-Eye and by about 11:00 am Eastern time, I had been safely landed back in Florida.

All I really wanted to do on Tuesday was actually sleep.  Instead, I visited work briefly, picked up my sweet doggie, and after a few confused moments at home…I went to the gym.  Really I wanted to chat with my coach.  I admit it, over my vacation I missed him.  Kind of silly as we had email conversation through my vacation and such, but I really did miss him.

But first, I had to do my workout, which was the transitions workout.  Swim, then run, then swim, then run.  Oh My sweet Jesus and Mary and Martha.  It was hard. The swim felt fantastic- all stretchy and sunny and like home.  The RUN..felt like my legs were staging a revolt.  Yeah, I learned later what the revolt of the legs really feels like.


OK ok, so it was not this bad, but it felt pretty darn lousy.  The carrot at the end of the stick was that when I completed, I was able to enter the gym area and chat with my coach about my race.  No one else is really interested about racing, so it was great to have someone keen to hear how I felt about the race.  He is a great listener and good at enjoying iphone photos as well.  So we discussed and updated ourselves and I of course felt encouraged and motivated.  Good coaching.

Wednesday I rose early and ran what was labelled  as a tempo run.  I didn’t totally tempo it.  My legs were still tired out and I was physically messed up from the time zonage.  But overall as a 5 miler it went well.  I did weights in the afternoon.  I was given a 45 minute time limit for the weights, so I really had to focus in and get them done.

Thursday for whatever reason, I had a brick…


It was enjoyable.  I then had a long meeting which was NOT enjoyable, but in the end worked itself out.

Friday if you read the post before this one…Killed me.  1.5 mile swim and 3 mile “run”  It was not fun, not fun at all….and very surprising to me as I thought I didn’t use my legs that much while swimming!

Saturday…repeat brick. I was so nervous about the brick because of Friday, but it went very well.  16 miles on the bike and 4 miles of running immediately after the bike.

Sunday- I ran 9 miles.  It went “ok”  but stellar but not bad.  having some odd pains- left achilles up high and right adductor hip flexor complex. Lucky me I have another massage on Monday.

I started out the week feeling kind of frazzled.  On top of travel my washing machine overflowed, and work was really intense.  Now on Sunday, the start of a new week…my washer is fixed (and dang…I think it has been only partly working for a while because now my clothing is SO much cleaner than before.  Check your drains for cloggage people!)  work is going to remain intense, but I feel settled back in.

So goals for the months of April and May:

Try to manage the current aches and pains without getting injured.

No complaining about Heat and training. I live in Florida. It gets HOT.  This is no surprise.  Complaining won’t make it better.

Take the CIC exam that I keep putting off. I am so sick of studying for it that I think I will just sign up and well, if I fail, then at least I have an idea of what I need to know to pass.






  1. mizunogirl

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  2. I think by the time you visited the Japanese Tea Garden, most of the cherry blossoms were past full bloom already. Due to the drought and warmer than average weather, we had an early season this year. There may be some areas where the trees are still in bloom—a friend recently sent me photos he took of cherry blossoms at a local park—but it seems like the azaleas and roses have taken over as the blooms of April.

    I wouldn’t have taken you for a Deadhead, lol. But then, a lot of people are surprised when I tell them I used to be a punk rocker. Yes, we do grow up and change, and I’m sure my kids are happy I did! It’s kind of sad when I run into people my age who are still wearing black sleeveless t-shirts (with flabby arms), pink hair (what’s left of it), and heavy eyeliner.

    • mizunogirl

      LOL! It is never too late to turn your hair pink again! I would also have not taken you for Punk Rock! How we have changed. I really just wanted to see the Garden. Both my sister and I were charmed to bits by both China Town and the Japanese influence over things when we first visited San Francisco, so…oh well. Asbury Haight was also very cool My main disappointment is that the “Vintage” mug I found for 1.99 at the Asbury Haight Salvation Army, was indeed manfactured in the 1980’s. (I was checking to see if the paint would have lead in it. Guess not)!!!!

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