30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Silverado 10K Race Report

So, initially when I started this nefarious plan of a trip to California…I intended to run this Half Marathon.  My very sensible coach put the breaks on that.  I could have trained for it and run it, but the time in between had no cushion and it was really risking injury, so…I backed down to the 10K.  In retrospect, I am glad I did.

Be warned though, this post also has some “Airing of the grievances”  to it.

This was an OK race.  It is put on by Enviro-Sports.  They seem to be a responsible company out of the San Francisco area.

I registered rather late so the price I paid for the 10K was pretty steep.  We drove from San Francisco, with a stop at the Walt Disney Museum and the Charles M. Schulz museum to Santa Rosa.  This may be where I started to get grumpy.  My friend is not a runner and any attempts to involve him at all in the sport are seen as badgering.  I actually do not care, but the disdain he shows for my hobby was pretty apparent.  It was maybe a kin to “Fit Shaming”  Funny thing is that currently I’m not really really fit.  I’ve put on about 8 -10 pounds that I must lose, and I will as I begin to build miles again, so the whole thing was just uncomfortable.  One thing that non -runners don’t get is how much a runner’s weight can vary through different training seasons, being at the very very beginning of my build AFTER injury…I’m not on the leaner side, to see that, check in with me in December 2014.  In addition, it appears that it was world table top game day.   While my companion kept saying, “I decided it was more important to spend time with you than to enjoy table top game day”  I could tell actually he would have preferred to be playing a game.  I gave him permission to look for one, and he jumped right on line almost desperately searching.  So you know…I felt like a real priority.


At the same time, said companion began to air some grievances about the clock in the room.  It was set to the wrong time.  This is not so pleasant, but of course, we have phones with the correct time, and I generally use my phone for an alarm.  He asked me to call the front desk because, “I hate to call the front desk” .  So I like a good person, call the front desk and ask them to please take care of the damn clock which I do not care one bit about.  We go to dinner, and dinner was good. After which I was treated to walk in a MALL.  We are in Santa Rosa California…and he wants to walk in the Mall?  Yeah, about that.  I am a good sport and do so.  We return to the room and the clock is still not fixed. I cross my fingers and hope he does not notice, not so…I must call again and then the maintenance guy comes and replaces it.  TUrns out there were some clock problems in general, but REALLY?  If you care so much about a clock, Man up, call the front desk yourself.

Anyway with that, I promptly went to bed.  I was exhausted and my legs were super sore and tired and I knew that tomorrows run was going to be a challenge, especially with the clock man.

In the morning, we set out to the race. I am pretty happy because of course I get to run in a race!  He is predictably grumpy because we have to drive to Calistoga.  Funny thing is that I told him multiple times where the race was. I even sent him a link.  He just never looked at it.  So we had a nice beautiful drive over.  At some point he decided to ask me if I wanted special “Race music” I know it was kind of a nice gesture, but I think I wasn’t over the clock yet.

We get to the race and I get my number, and I find myself transported into “My people” circles.  Suddenly we are all talking about the race, the weather (Which was gorgeous), what we are planning on etc.


As you can see, a gorgeous day!

As will be the case for all of 2014..there was a full set of tutu runners.


I’m not a tutu runner, I think they are a little bit silly, BUT, I never mind seeing them out on the course, in fact they are sometimes the most cheerful ones out there. Hmmm.

It had rained the night before I think so the track where we started looked like this:


But that didn’t deter me.  I was ready to enjoy this run.  I was irritated that my legs were so freaking tired from all the sightseeing and then the sightseeing in the MALL…but what can one do.  Race day is upon us.

They sent the half runners out first and then the 10K runners.  I lined up fairly close to the front but not too close- and I forgot to ask if they had total chip timing.  Seems they only time at the end- everyone had the exact same start time.  This is fine, but I should have asked.  This added about 2-3 minutes to my time it seems.  Oh well!

The course itself was really lovely.  Lots of hills for a Florida Gal and lots of wine grapes growing to look at.  I note din the first mile that my legs felt really sore and tired, so I backed off any hope for a PR and just took it super easy.  I enjoyed the super crisp, not wet-blanket humid air that California had to offer.  I chatted with others on the course.  Most amusing moment was when this very traditional Indian couple (like from India) was proceeding up a hill in front  of me. The husband was having some trouble and the wife was trying to encourage him.  What finally came out of her mouth was, “Don’t be a Pussy!  Everyone else is OK…what is WRONG!!!!” I actually offerred him some hope that the downhill part would be more fun, I’ve been a pussy before.  It’s a tough spot!


How often do you get to run by this type of thing?

SO the race itself turned more into a training run.  Towards the end there was a lady who I will call “the Screamer”  She ran by me once and clipped my on the shoulder shouting out “You got this!”  and then continued to shout at herself it seems at regular intervals.  She was clearly jazzed up and having a great time.  I’m not usually that exuberant- especially when alone.  Eventually my watch read 6.11 so I though you know “Screamer” is right near me and still screaming…This is less than a track speed session…let’s open it up.  So I did.  Lengthened out my stride and pushed it, right past Screamer…who continued to yell things like “Look out lady oh my!”  I had kind of misjudged and ran for about 0.60 miles at that top speed so by the end I was truly well winded  and also mystified as to the discrepancy in the course.  THe course itself was fine, I most likely started my Garmin a little earlier and definitely didn’t run the tangents or anything.  It just made for one prolonged sprint.  My coach thought this was HI-larious…as only one who has done something similar can.

Here is a photo I snapped after my finish of the finish!  It was a truly gorgeous day!


My camera did not want to handle the brilliant sunshine.

My companion appeared right as I finished. He had taken a walk around town, which is the form of exercise he prefers.  he showed little interest in the race and we quickly went off to breakfast.  Now…Calistoga is a lovely little town and as he walked around it he said he found some places for breakfast. I am starving.  We end up at a very local place, which sounds lovely, but actually wasn’t.


I was excited when I saw “Mary’s Magic Morning Coffee” on the menu, but it was just regular coffee, served…in styrofoam. The whole place was just not that great. you know sometimes you win when you go into a hole in the wall place, but not this one…anyway i ate up and we made our way back to Santa Rosa- to the now repaired clock and hotel…


How do I feel about the race?  Well.

Pros:   It was well organized. Started pretty much on time, directions on the course were great.  Enthusiasm on the course was good though this isn’t a course with lots of crowds cheering, which is super for me!    There was plenty of water and gatorade on the course as needed and plenty of aid stations.  The scenery was OUTSTANDING.

I did feel the price was steep for a race that didn’t bother with full on chip timing, and handed out a non tech t shirt at the end. No medal for the 10K  which did not bother me at all, because I know I finished it, and I’ve never been one for medals.  The Non-tech shirt was pretty awful though…not very attractive and it didn’t wash that well.

So would I do it again?  Possibly.  IF I lived in the area and didn’t have to travel with the Clock-whisperer.  If I registered at the time of the lowest pricing.

So not a bad race, but not the best either.  I sure would love to do their half marathon in Muir Woods though….coming up April 17th for all your Californians who like running!

Oh my time?  Not a PR.  that’s all I want to say about that mess.



  1. Santa Rosa and Calistoga are beautiful areas, with spas and gourmet restaurants and great little cafes. I am so sorry you got stuck with a less-than-ideal companion. He couldn’t at least feign some interest in your race for the sake of courtesy?

    (I won’t get started on the occasional lack of manners I see here in CA. I sometimes think people equate being laid back with boorishness and failing to step up when there’s a need to be cooperative.)

    I don’t have much to offer in the way of a place to stay, but if you need a guide/facilitator the next time you head out to the Bay Area, shoot me an email. I don’t run—too many injuries to the joints, and arthritis is setting in—but I would be happy to stand by with a cup of coffee and root for you. I also know of some great places to have breakfast in Calistoga, and they aren’t holes in the wall either!

    • mizunogirl

      Next time, Ms Hangaku, I think we could enjoy the town! Ah well…I’ve known this guy since I was about 3 years old, and we are friends, but I gotta say….I now know it’s best if it remains on Facebook!!!!

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