30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

It finally happened…..

My Coach Broke ME.


Whew.  I have not been posting mostly due to travel and the monotony of many of my workouts, but Oh WOW, Oh Wow.

This whole week has been tough.

Monday night I took the red-eye from CA to Fl.  It was a very good flight, much more comfortable than the one out, so no complaints.

I landed tuesday to the joy of a Transition Tuesday.  Swam 1500, ran 2 miles swam 500 and ran 1 more mile.  It was to say the least, difficult.  I did it though.


Slept REALLY well on Tuesday and Wednesday had a pretty good workout. In the morning I did a 5 mile tempo run.  It wasn’t a Total ALL out TEMPO, as I was still feeling kind of exhausted, but it went pretty well.  In the afternoon, I lifted for 45 minutes. I am not used to being given a time limit on workouts, so I tried real hard to focus. I managed to get in some good super setting.


I did all the crazy named exercises..like velociraptors.

At the end of the workout, I had a moment of tired…and almost bust out into tears.  So tired.

Thursday…I did a Brick..Spin and run. It went great.  On Thursday evening I had a tough tough massage.


Yeah.  I felt better after but also very very sore.  My adductors have born the brunt of my jet setting.   My therapist and I finally decided that I might have strained both a bit during the weekend etc.

So today…I swam, for an hour straight.  Then I had a short 3 miler.  Well.  About the 3 miler.  I got out of the pool and felt exhausted.  I got dressed and started the run.  It felt really BAD.  I have not had so much of an issue going in years.  I finished the 3 but mostly walked and ran a bit….so Kudos to my coach….He’s finally broken me…though…I have a feeling… tomorrow will be a different story.  It’s not quite Harvest time, but I love this song, so lets give it a listen!


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