30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Apologies to my 12 readers.


I know this blog is really for me to keep track of stuff, and it doesn’t get loads of traffic cause it isn’t that interesting, so I find it funny to apologize to any of the 12 that may actually read any of the posts here.  There have not been too many lately.

Training has been tough.  It is going “ok” I would not say great.  I am not thrilled with where I am at, but it is where I am so…I get to be there.

This week was full of Joint Commission difficulties.  I had my big interview and Infection Tracer yesterday.  It went “ok”  kind of like training. The mock surveyor did find a few very fixable issues, and it was a bit of a whirlwind.  During the entire event I have felt OK, not overly nervous or anything, but I am sure it took a toll on me and the training.  In addition, some idiot scheduled the entire inspection during the week of “Adjust to Daylight savings time”

daylight savings time from someecards


My schedule has been entirely thrown off.  It really pleases many people- they like to putter in the yard, take their kiddos bike riding, etc in the now LONG twilight hours of the afternoon and evening.  For a morning runner…plunging me into darkness…yes..nice of them.

Monday I had a swim and run, the run was short and it was so dark, windy and chilly after I got out of the pool that I did it on the treadmill.  My right (non surgical) hip is tight and felt funny.  I think actually the TM was a detriment, but it got done. Had a very good massage that afternoon.  Which seems to have helped the hip, but not fixed it.

On Monday night I hopped into bed thinking…OK my extreme annoyance with DST issues should be over.  Yeah.  NO.

Tuesday morning I had a 4 mile run scheduled.  Getting to the gym my Garmin was super slow to pick up satellites.  So slow, that i wasn’t sure it was functioning.  It is starting to act up, and I will probably need a new one, going to go with a less expensive model in the next few months, possibly for my birthday.  So I turned it on and threw it in the car and decided to …..run on the TM…. about 3 minutes in I started to realize that I didn’t really have time to finish (So hard to wake oneself up at what is REALLY 3 am.) so I hopped off at half a mile and went and lifted some weights.  It was difficult and unpleasant, but I did some good work.

I then went to work and spent the day dealing with the Infection tracer.  I actually dilly-dallied around after in hopes that the temperature would drop.  Nope 80.  Tried to switch workouts/bargain with the coach.  He never actually said no, but I did find myself running the 4.5 miles outdoors.  It was a kind of painful experience.  I was warm, the humidity was much lower than I expected, so my throat felt horribly dry.  I probably had a bit of a dehydration component going on as well, since the entire afternoon was spent running about the hospital and going to the gym with the inspector.  No tunes because I had planned on doing this at 6:00 am so I never bring music then.  And this route has some killer hills.  So good run?  Well…it was probably good for me.

Today…My legs still kind of ache.  I took the morning off and will do my brick this afternoon.

I hate this off feeling.  I am doing the workouts, but they feel very unfocused and I feel unfocused.  I do not have any races until October. I was going to run one more 10K in California, but I think I might skip it.




Improve Nutrition:  I took a big step this month by giving up Fish Fillets at McDonalds for “Lent”  No I am not Catholic, but I think it’s a great time to reevaluate habits, and my Fish Filet habit was out of control.  I think a lot of my “meh” feelings may stem from my “not the best nutrition”  It isn’t the worst, but it could be more vegetable-y and fruity!

Planning:  While I am doing all of the workouts, I am often only 60% prepared to do them.  Last week I had some fuel issues for the long run, I did not prepare the stuff the night before.  I keep forgetting to take my Asthma Medication…that sort of thing.  So…getting things really organized will help.  I have been wanting to get some organizers for my gym bag, and such, but I am awaiting a good sale.

Focus:  this kind of goes with planning.  What I’ve been doing is kind of running into the gym and looking at the planned workout at the same time and then trying to execute it.  I need to look at the very least the night before and kind of make sure I’ve got the mindset to do it.

Having Joint Commission “done”  helps.  I will have a few things to work on, but it’s more concrete now.  So we will see how that goes.


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