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Race Report: Sun Runner’s 10K Vero Beach, FL

I have not run a race in so long I’m having a hard time even writing my race report.

Well.  Lets start off with saying Vero Beach, Fl…Sounds kind of like Viera…but isn’t the same.  I thought they were close. No, no they are not. So I signed up for this race, and only the night before the race did I realize exactly how far away it was.  I stared at the map and had to think really hard about wether the drive would be worth it.  I knew I was going to run a PR because I have not run a 10K in about a year, so most of my training runs are faster than that PR.  I also knew that my new PR wasn’t going to put me into an Age Group win or placement.  In addition, I had to consider the fact that I’ve been sick with an upper respiratory/sinus thing and was just starting to feel better on Thursday.

It probably wasn’t the best idea but I decided to go for it.  sure seemed like a good idea at the time

I slept very poorly.  I have had a very stressful week at work, and the next 2-3 months promise to be stressful as well.  Apparently I had a lot to process, because my head was just spinning and spinning.  I did finally fall asleep at Midnight and slept well.  The 3:40 am wake up call was not welcome.  Somehow as I slept I had decided the race was at 0800, which was just wrong, it started at 0700am!  So I casually walked the dog, got dressed prepared coffee…and then realized with a start that I should have already been on the road.

Miraculously I got all the stuff I needed and ran out to the car.  Plugging in the directions it estimated I would arrive at exactly 7am.  I counted all my chickens before they hatched and bet on the traffic at 5am on a Saturday morning.  I bet correctly and made it to the event with about 15 minutes to spare.  Definitely not the way to start a race morning though-totally the opposite of calm and relaxed.

Once the drive was over everything got more fun!

This is a GREAT race put on by a triathlon club in Vero Beach. It is one of the most “schwaggy” races I’ve run recently.

noname-3I paid 25.00 for entry- if I had been speedier to register, I think I might have paid 20.  For that money I got a very well organized race, a running cap and a long sleeved hoodie shirt, as well as some actual free samples in the race bag.  (So many times these days race bags are just full of paper.)  This is a total steal- when you consider some people pay over 100.00 USD to run the same distance at Disney.

One thing I did not love was that there was only partial chip timing.  In other words, there was no start mat.  Yep, I know USATF rules go by gun time, but hey, I’m slow, and in being courteous and starting in the back-an appropriate spot- I may have added 10-20 seconds to my time.  If I had been thinking I would have asked and started nearer to the front.  That said, there were only 225 runners, so it wasn’t much of a delay at all. And since I didn’t ask and assumed, well you know what that makes me!

The weather was perfect for running this morning, starting off at about 65 degrees, ending maybe at 73…so maybe it did get a tad warm there at the end.  We all started off running, and I tried to keep a slower/steady pace, but of course ended up Jack Rabbitting out for the first mile.  Whenever I don’t race for a long time (3 months at least now!) I always go out faster than I can maintain.

The course was open to traffic which always annoys me, but in Vero, unlike in Melbourne FL, or Tavares, Fl,  I had no issues with traffic.  There were cars, but the drivers were very respectful of the runners.  Volunteers and the Police helped to keep all the runners safe.

At about mile 2.5 my legs became bored with the flat terrain.  I am not used to running on flat like that. I started to actually wish that I was running a 5K instead of the 10…just because I was coughing a bit and my legs felt sort of tired.  Alas, this was the classic race distance!  SO I kept running.  I listened to some music and enjoyed the sea breeze which was gentle and provided just the right amount of breeze without feeling like a headwind.

Eventually I found myself at the 6 mile mark and put my head down and tried to push for the last 0.2 miles.  I must have because when I finished I could not stop coughing for quite some time.  It was a bit embarrassing.  Several people commented on my effort, and I thanked them…easier to say thanks than explain that I’m just getting over a nasty infection and didn’t feel the greatest.

I did run a PR.  I admit I was a bit frustrated.  It was not the PR I envisioned.  It also was not the PR I am currently capable of…but it is the time I ran today, and I knocked 2 minutes off my 10K PR time, so that’s something I need to be excited about.

Post race, we milled about a bit, I found a delicious spread of bagels, coffee, many cream cheese spread choices and of course Bananas. I stuck to the bagels and also Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice- which was AWESOME to see!! I eventually went and hit the beach…another reason why this race is SO WORTH THE DRIVE…

noname-4 noname-5 noname-6

I really enjoyed my beach time.  The sun was shining, the birds were twittering about and the waves were coming in.

All in all, an excellent race.  I’d do it again, though I’d hope to bring along a buddy or two, and make a full on beach day out of it…and Darn it all, I’m not done with the 10K.  That time is kind of my usual training time pace…and apparently now it’s my new slow PR.




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  2. Given that you were running after almost missing the start time and were stressed out, plus you were recovering from a respiratory bug, I’d say you should be proud of your PR time. And heck yeah, I’d run that far to enjoy that beach….congratulations!

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