30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I really am sick.


I saw many photos of people surrounded by tissues, but  I decided to spare everyone.  We have all had colds.  This is a cold.

Today I did my volunteer duty at Disney’s Glass Slipper challenge.  I do this volunteering for the free tickets we get.  It is enjoyable and a good way to be a part of RunDisney.  I’m definitely not a Disney Runner.  These folks pay well over 300.00 USD for some of these races.

So not feeling well was not thrilling me as I rose at 1 am to get down to Epcot.

My entire volunteer duty consisted of Bananas.

IMG_0578I put bananas out of tables for the runners after the race.  Loads and loads of bananas.  I am actually allergic to bananas.   I can’t eat them. They make my mouth itch.  I was very careful after handling thousands not to rub my lips or eyes without washing my hands….

I actually had some fun.  My team leader is a guy I’d worked with in the past so we enjoyed chatting and singing the song about Bananas having no bones…

It is true, Bananas have no bones.

We got done much earlier than the time listed on my paper (I was scheduled from 3 am to 11:30 am…) and I went home and slept. and slept.  and slept.  the dog surprised me and just kind of slept up on the couch beside me.  It poured down a tropical rain, I slept…I ate a bit and slept.

I finally dragged myself off the couch to take some medicine.  took a shower, and SLEPT more.

No way was I going to the gym.

Typically a cold lasts 7-14 days.  Will hope this is on the shorter end.

One more Volunteering day.

I do hope by monday I start to feel lots better.  One thing that is really hard for me to do is to do any kind of complicated work when ill.  I make poor choices.  So we will see…so much to do that and my 10K on Saturday, I really want to run it.

We’ll see.  Gotta kick the cold.


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  1. You got up at 1 a.m. to hand out bananas to runners? When you had a cold? You are a brave soul! I would have called in and said, “Sorry!”

    LOL at the banana song. My grandson just started eating mashed bananas with baby cereal, and he doesn’t seem to like them much, except when they’re frozen. My daughter has this funny device that holds a frozen banana inside of it. It’s made to relieve teething pains for babies: the baby is supposed to chew on it, and as the banana starts to thaw out, it gets squished through these little holes in the device, so the baby can eat it. It sounds gross, but apparently the grandson loves this thing and can gnaw on it all day long. But he still doesn’t like mashed bananas in cereal.

    Hope you feel better soon. There’s a mini-flu epidemic going around here, and a number of its victims have been young, healthy adults. I guess they haven’t pressed young people into getting flu shots, though they seem to have greater immunity issues than us oldies who have survived a number of different flus.

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