30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Thursday relief….

Rest week.  Today was kind of not a rest day indeed,  but overall It’s been a rest week for the body and an exhaustive week mentally for me.

Work is improving, which is not that surprising, as it could not have gotten much worse.

A friend reminded me that building “character” isn’t fun but it’s good to have character.

Today I did like I typically do in February…I messed up a meeting.  No let me tell you how to mess up a meeting.

I scheduled the room from 1-2 and told the physician to come at 1.  All good right?  I invited EVERYONE else to go to the room at 11:30 am.

Oh Holy cow, how do I do this?  WHO does this?  Well… I do.

it kind of worked out.

After the meeting, I focused on this Validation problem.  I was able to get in touch with out state’s Quality Improvement Organization and this Lovely lovely human, Henrietta walked me through that process, which really helped…I kind of chilled out.  Many of my questions were answered and while this is still a major pain in the ass, it is not going to be as bad as I thought it should be.


This week honestly has beaten me down into a pulp.

So when I knew I still had speed work to do I was like yeah..this is gonna suck.  I started the one mile warm and towards the end my friend on 4 Square checked in.  I admit I was like Oh no…Speed work is hard for me and I didn’t want to chat.  Luckily she never came by, I think she understands about Speed work.

Being a rest week I only had 4 800’s  I did them at a slowish pace, but came close to wretching a few times so the effort was there.  I did shock one of the Treadmill princesses, but whatev…I am sure it gave her something to chat about right?

Got everything done, which made me super happy…I was so sweaty 2 people asked if I came from the pool.

Saw my Coach and wiggled about saying, “I won it, I finally won a workout!!!”  He seemed very happy to see me happy.  We chit chatted..he suggested I quit my job.  I rolled my eyes…I wish I could but I am in kind of deep.  I swore at him and he made me feel kind of bad for that.  oops it just came out.  Then out of the blue he quietly said, “I really hope you are resting…”  Yep body is resting. Brain is on overdrive.



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