30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

impromptu rest.

So it is a rest week.

That doesn’t actually mean…

person11It just means my workouts are pretty easy.

What’s been funny is that all week things have felt just a touch off.  I figured it was the massive job stress.  Turns out I was getting sick.

Last night I noticed that my head was all stuffed up and I wasn’t feeling that great.  I had some sleeping issues, and used those to enjoy the Olympics programming.

This morning I felt fine, but as I got settled into work, well..I noted I was feeling awful.  I took some medication, and got some things done…but…by the end of the day I started to feel really short tempered and annoyed.  I made it through the work day and consulted my coach.

Yep.  this is why a coach is a good idea.

He looked at me and said…yeah, skip it.



So resting.

Race next Saturday…I’m concerned about how I will feel for that!


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  1. Sucks that you’re going into the weekend feeling sick, but hope the rest helps you feel better!

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