30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Transition Tuesday Yet again

Yesterday was Transition Tuesday.

It was a tough day at work.  I am feeling kind of exhausted and very concerned about how things are going at work.  Work lately dominates my mind, which is not a great thing.  But I do have one of those career things, rather than a “job”  so it’s kind of always going to be that way.

I found yesterday to do the work I do I needed to verify my identity with the US Government.  Wahoo.  Got everything notarized and sent off in a fax, and much to my SHOCK…within 15 minutes of sending the fax, I had an email confirming they had received everything.

While getting things notarized, the Chief Nursing Officer (A big part of senior leadership)  called me into her office, and I just confessed to her how exhausted and frustrated I am with our current situation.  She confessed back to me that she shares the same feelings and that I am not alone.  She also really encouraged me telling me that “month by month you seem to just be growing into this job, and you really just doing great.”  Her main concern is that she is under the belief that I enjoy this job.  Right-O.  I told her I had been looking and her face fell.  I really like this person, she’s probably the only reason I stay in the position.  It was nice to get some encouragement.

So my main goal now is to stay positive.

keep-calm-and-stay-positive-106I have this one last thing to handle for the Joint Commission Mock Survey and then all will be well.

So after all that on Tuesday I hopped in the pool and swam a short 1500.  I felt slow, but looking at the time on the clock it seemed fast…then I plugged the time into daily mile, and well for once my feelings were justified. I WAS SLOW.  Ah well. rest week.

I then yanked on short and a top over my suit.  It was a warm day, and the wet stuff helped keep me cooler…and I “ran” 2 miles.  WOWEE.  My legs felt horrible.  Just terrible.  Funny thing is that my aerobic fitness was not affected by this run.  I could have talked all the way through it, never broke a sweat until the last hill…but my legs just hurt.  I just took it and ran with it slowly and covered the miles.  Today they feel slightly better so I am hoping the 2 miler had a flushing effect.

I saw my coach as I was doing some foam rolling but we didn’t talk.  I actually never even made eye contact…I admit to being a bit surprised at how strangely my legs were working but…at the same time, I think it’s probably ok, so no need to get him involved.

Also Saw Mrs. Coach for the first time in a long time which was nice.  She seemed to want to avoid me though, ah well.  Can’t win them all.



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