30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Let the Resting week commence.

Well.  It is a rest week…which is lovely because I am EXHAUSTED.

My Job SUCKS the big suckky suckkerson.

So I am currently trying to get ready for Joint Commission.  Joint Commission regulates hospitals.  If you do not do well on their unannounced inspections…your hospital can get shut down or fined.  A lot of the regulations are infection control, and so I am feeling the burn if you will.

I’m also trying to study for a certification exam.  I am so sick of studying and trying to cram so much material into my head.

Today I got the phone call that our hospital was randomly selected for “validation”  for several infection control measures.  This has not happened before, so add this to the plate of misery.  I almost cried.  For about an hour as I tried to absorb all the information regarding this process, I actually had the ears buzzing light headed sensation.

Before all of that I knew I was wiped out anyway. I got up super late and was hating all over my very short swim…1000 yards only.  I got up so late I actually didn’t have time to run the 1 miler too.  My time management was awful.  I mean it takes me about 19 minutes to swim 1000.  about 10 mins to run.

Post work my massage therapist forgot to call me yesterday and cancel…they were renovating the office.  So I showed up and was waiting and waiting and waiting.  He felt terrible, because of course that is the way to lose clients.  I was kind of glad to skip- I’m not super sore and it’s good to save money.  He lost out on cash, but..actually, that is kind of my subtle message to him.  I did not want to rearrange my week around getting a massage, so if he couldn’t do it and failed to cancel…well…I’m not rescheduling to pay him money.

That left me free to run the 1 mile on the program.  I was really feeling miserable. I gave my coach some cash and he spent a bit of time really checking in with how I was doing.  What I would do without this person in my life…I have NO idea.  He didn’t really say too much.  i told him about my day and there was that moment where he just looked at me and I at him and all was understood.  You don’t get that with too many people in life.  it’s not soul mates or something like that…this results in two people who have made a very strong effort to know each other deeply.

My Mile felt like a mile after a long run…pretty rough.  It seems to take a long time.

Going to try to rest a lot tonight and then to get things together for tuesday.  All of this is conquerable.  It’s just gonna be quite uncomfortable for a while.  On the plus side…it’s rest week…and I sure do need it.

After reviewing this weeks program, I sent a fast email to the coach.  “Not gonna fight this week one bit..”  He laughed his head off.


  1. You ran a mile after a rough day at work—I still think that’s a huge accomplishment. My reaction to a crappy day would have been to go home, change into pajamas and eat chocolate in bed. Hope tomorrow is better, or least you feel better.

    • mizunogirl

      I did have some fake chinese food and a few oreos. I like to run and it helped the day, though my legs feel pretty beat up- hence the rest week!

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