30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Saturday return of the Brick

Last Saturday…I had to spend in a conference for work.

I think it may have thrown my whole work week off actually when I think of this week.

In addition, it POURED buckets of rain which is atypical for Florida.  We have had an abnormally wet winter. Well. I can’t find any articles to back that up, BUT…it seems like it has been rainy and gray ALOT.  Floridians are kind of like people with Seasonal affective Disorder.  We don’t enjoy these days.  Too many in a row make us a bit depressed.

Today I woke up not wanting to go to the gym.  I had avoided this workout last week.  But nothing to stop me this week.

So 50 minutes on the trainer.  I was hoping the USA/Russia game would be on at the gym, but no…I had to look at a “Good Morning Orlando”  show.  Listened to Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.  It wasn’t the worst spin and I had a definite few minutes where I felt I had entered the Hurt Locker…Burning burning legs.

I then went outside to run.  I switched shoes and I was feeling super unexcited for this run.  It was Windy.



I just decided to run it, and not worry about time. I set a goal that was grossly over my normal running time…and went for it.  The wind was really an impedance.  Plus some of the hills on this route are well, hilly.

Now it’s done and I am pleased with the effort, but amazed at how exhausted I am- hoping it is still the work week spilling over on me and nothing else…

14 days until my little 10K…which I hope will get me a wee bit more interested in racing again!

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  1. “Like” for the song “Angel Band….”

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